Saturday, April 29, 2006


EcoQuest International

EcoQuest International

All air purifiers made by EcoQuest emit some kind of ionization to clean the air in your home.

What are ions and ionization and how does it work?

Ions are particles that carry a charge of electricity. They are naturally occurring and are in a concentration of approximately 3,000 positive to 4,000 ions per cubic centimeter. However, inside your home there are very few ions and the ones that do occur are mostly positive.

When negative ions are added to the air by EcoQuest International air purifiers, airborne particles will take on this negative charge and be attracted to oppositely charged particles which will then become heavier, thus settling to the ground and will obviously be out of the "breathing" air in your home.

For all units from EcoQuest to work properly they must have adequate air circulation. There have been several occasions when people have indicated that their Fresh Air or Living Air Classic air purifiers were not operating properly and the problem was that the units were not getting enough or proper air circulation.

Always make sure that your EcoQuest air purifier has at least 1 inch of clearance from the back of the unit to insure proper air flow. Also, make sure that the fan in your air purifier is up high enough. For example, setting the fan on low in a 2,500 sq ft home will not supply enough air flow for the technology in the purifier to adequately work its way through your home.

Remember EcoQuest International air purifier bring the solution to the pollution and if the units don't get enough air flow this won't happen.

Insure that your home is cleaned and purified properly with your new EcoQuest air purifier by making sure you read and follow the owner's manual.

If you don't have the owner's manual for your unit, you can find the exact one for your model at

Also, make sure you properly maintain your air purifier by cleaning it at least once a month or more if the environment is more polluted from smoking or excessive dust.

Reading your owner's manual, being familiar with your EcoQuest unit and performing scheduled maintenance will give you many years of fresh clean air in your home.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006


EcoQuest Keeps Moving On

EcoQuest has been producing air purifiers like the Fresh Air and Living Air Classic for more than 20 years and they just keep working at it and growing year after year.

Located in Greeneville Tennessee they have manufactured more than 6 million air purifiers and have shipped them all over the know world. I'm sure some have even ended up in an unknown part of the world as well.

Alpine Industries was started back in 1987 by William Converse in his garage at home when he invented the most widely used air purification technology used today.

Bill's wife used to suffer from migraine headaches but found relief when she would come into the garage to be with Bill. This technology was what Mr. Converse had been looking for. He wanted a solution to the poor air quality that is rampant in our homes today. He finally found what he was working so hard for.

This started an air purification revolution and, as they say, the rest is history.

Alpine Industries would later become the top air purification company in the world when Mike Jackson, who had extensive experience in a nutritional company, moved over to Alpine and eventually bought the company and renamed it.

This company has a long history of making a variety of air purification systems for every application you can possibly think of.

They even have an air purifier for your car that does a number on smoke and odors. No need to have a stinky car any longer.

See your local dealer for information on all the products offered.


Monday, April 17, 2006


EcoQuest - Fresh Air Purification Is Everywhere


Air purification is a serious matter and EcoQuest International is on the forefront of keeping the air in your home clean.

Air purification is in the news so much lately and now EcoQuest is making even more news.

Many thousands of people visit the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia Pennsylvania every year and this year they will be breathing the freshest air possible.

Oh really?

Yes, believe it or not (a classic Ripley's line) the secure building complex that houses one of the most important symboles of liberty for our nation has its air protected by Fresh Air DuctwoRx.

DuctwoRx is the air purification technology that you install into your HVAC system and it gives you fresh clean air throughout your entire home right from your air conditioning vents. How's that sound for cool?

Stay tuned because there will be more to come on DuctwoRx air purification technology being used at the Liberty Bell Museum.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006


EcoQuest President Mike Jackson Speaks About Air Purification On CNBC

EcoQuest President Mike Jackson recently sat down with bio-issues expert Dr. James Marsden for an interview on CNBC’s World Business Review, hosted by Former Secretary of State "I'm In Charge Here" Alexander Haig.

The show covered a wide range of topics that are important to business, families and the country as a whole. The topic of clean air and air purification was also discussed. Even though the show was taped January 26th it won't air until May 7th and exact air times will be forthcoming.

The featured portion of the interview ran 7 minutes but if you contact your EcoQuest Dealer and are really nice and maybe beg them they can get you the full interview that lasted an entire 18 minutes. Eighteen minutes is a long time in the broadcast world so the suits at CNBC shortened it to a mere 7 minutes.

But you can get the full interview where EcoQuest President Mike Jackson has an expanded discussion about indoor air quality and what EcoQuest products do to take care of this problem.

Yes, I have to say it...

EcoQuest International has the indoor air pollution solution!

This is absolutely riviting television with Alexander Haig, Mike Jackson and Dr. James Marsden.

You don't want to miss it.

Stay tuned in for more on the exact times this interview about air purification technology will be aired on CNBC. You might learn something about air purification you didn't know, like for instance, did you know that dust consists mostly of dead skin cells. Eeeeew is that totally gross or what?

Get rid of dust with an air purifier already, will ya!

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EcoQuest - From Air Purifiers To Clean Clothes With LaundryPure

EcoQuest International has been known for air purification systems the world over. They manufacture some of the top air purifiers made like the Fresh Air purifier, and the Living Air Classic.

But now they will soon be know for getting your clothes clean!

They will soon introduce LaundryPure to the world and customers everywhere will be able to wash their clothes without the need for hot water, soap or detergent.

This is revolutionary folks. Imagine the money you can save on electricity, and all the other consumables you use for washing your clothes.

LaundryPure will soon be available to the public. Last I heard it was to be released on April 15th and that would be Saturday. I'm not sure that's going to happen because I haven't heard anything for sure from my sources.

You know how well EcoQuest builds their air purifiers so stay tuned and contact your local dealer or call the company to ask them when this little jewel will be available to the public.

Get your air purifiers and new LaundryPure system from the company you can trust.

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Sunday, April 09, 2006




What are the top products manufactured by EcoQuest International?

They are a series of air purifiers for all kinds of different applications such as whole house air purification, single room purification, commercial applications, automobile applications and other specialized applications.

Here is a list of those products:

Fresh Air by EcoQuest
Fresh Air Spectrum
Fresh Air Buddy
Fresh Air To Go
Fresh Air DuctwoRx
Living Air Classic
Eagle 5000
Eagle 2500
EPI Plus
Flair C
hyGIonic Tooth Brush
Living Air Home Cleaning Unit
Living Water Pre-Filter Kit
Living Proof
Living Sunshine
Living Water II & III
Programmable Ozone Blaster
Adjustable Ozone Blaster
PeakPursonic Mister

This EcoQuest list is extensive and as you can see there is an air purifier for every kind of application you can imagine.


Friday, April 07, 2006


EcoQuest International

EcoQuest International

What are some common problems and their solutions with air purifiers made by EcoQuest?

Q: Some people believe that the air purifier, like the Fresh Air, isn't working after their three day free trial.

A: The usual solution to this problem is that the unit may not have been set up in the right area of the home or there could have been poor air circulation around the unit.

In some cases certain individuals may not notice any difference in the air quality in their home when everyone else does. I once placed a Fresh Air with someone who had a foul, musty smell in a workout room. When I came back three days later, everyone in the house, except this one person, noticed a huge difference. There was a huge difference. So what does a person do?

The solution for this problem is financial counseling for Mr tightwad! The problem is not in the Fresh Air, it is in the wallet of Mr Thrifty. While he may think he's saving his family money, they're the ones who have to put up with Mr Tightwad's stinky B.O. in the workout room.

Tell Mr Tightwad to loosen up the pursestrings or he's on rations of bread and water for the next 2 weeks.!

Q: But what if a strong odor really does remain in the home after placement of the air purifier?

S: This is usually caused by the unit, like a Living Air Classic or Fresh Air machine, not being on a high enough setting or not using the "Sanitize" or "Away" mode. When there are significant odor issues inside a home, significant steps must be taken to alleviate the problem.

Use the higher end modes to really flush out the odors in your home, that's what they were made for. Consult your EcoQuest dealer and Owner's Manual for more information on your particular air purifier from EcoQuest.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006


LaundryPure From EcoQuest - Now They're More Than Air Purification

EcoQuest International has been know for 20 years as the world leader in air purification but they will soon be known for clean laundry as well.

This month the company that brought you some of the top air purifiers available like the Fresh Air by EcoQuest and the Living Air Classic will be introducing LaundryPure. LaundryPure will be known as the only product in the world that will clean your clothes without the need for detergent, fabric softener or even hot water.

LaundryPure uses Radiant Catalytic Ionization, Silver Ions, high intensity UVX light, hydroxyl radicals and a bunch of other stuff that would take Albert Einstein to understand to clean your clothes slicker than a greased pig in a Teflon jump suit.

Bottom line, you will be surprised at how clean your clothes will be and the company famous for air purification will now be know for clean clothes.

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