Monday, June 26, 2006


The EcoQuest Fanfaire Is Like An Air Purifier

EcoQuest manufactures a ceiling fan if you didn't know that. But this ceiling fan isn't like any other fan in the world.


Because this ceiling fan has air purification technology built right into it. The Fanfaire by EcoQuest International is a great solution to having stale air in your home.

The large paddle-blades are perfectly suited for circulating Living Air's exclusive blend of technologies throughout the room, insuring that even distant nooks and crannies get the benefit of its wonder. With Fanfaire you're installing more than just a ceiling fan, you're putting clean air where you need it most.

Fanfaire by EcoQuest Living Systems combines these proven methods of air improvement

Increased Circulation /Air Flow
UV treatment of circulated air
Ion introduction (DC Ionizer)

into one convenient, attractive unit for your home, your office, or anywhere you need clean air (which is just about everywhere.)

This 3-speed reversible fan provides high-volume, low-velocity circulation for good room air movement while distributing ions evenly.

UV light treatment improves the quality of circulated air and the optional lighting kit (included) will brighten any room.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006


The EcoQuest Flair Air Purifier

The EcoQuest Flair is a budget model air purifier that cleans the air in a home up to 2,200 sq ft and only costs $349. While it lacks some of the more advanced features of the Fresh Air and other air purification units by EcoQuest it will clean the air just fine.

Flair™ can be used to improve the quality of your indoor air 24-hours a day on a lower setting, or as a sanitizing appliance to reduce mold, bacteria, and mildew in your home or office.

• The Flair™ air purifier is perfect for indoor areas up to 2,200 square feet. It is ideal for the average home, with performance capabilities to handle large and small areas.

• The Flair™ utilizes a synergy of ion generation technology in conjunction with controlled low-level Ozone Generation. It is this process that enables Flair to eliminate odors, smoke and tobacco smoke from the air in your home.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


EcoQuest International


Offers health-related products, including air and water purification systems for the home, vitamins and supplements, and household cleaning products via an affiliate marketing program.

Friday, June 09, 2006


EcoQuest International Online Is The Home Of Fresh Air

Welcome To EcoQuest International Online News

EcoQuest is the home of Fresh Air and your source for products designed to safely and conveniently enhance and improve the quality of living indoors. Plus your guide to the real, life-changing income opportunity that is EcoQuest International.

You can visit their web site at

Monday, June 05, 2006


EcoQuest Fresh Air - A Fart Deodorizer Rap Song

We have a special guest blogger here at the EcoQuest International Blog today and he's going to sing us a little rap song. Well, actually he's going to write it for you out in air purifier cyberspace.

Introducing Mushizzle Al Sizzler or better known as M A Sizzler. Take it away M A.

Yo, Yo, Yo here a song you can sing bout yo Fresh Air, aight.

There once was a man
and boy could he fart
he took a little pastime
and made it his own art

His first name was Jack
he was never out of order
except for his farts
they were quite ripsnorters

He traveled far and wide
just to make a point
that he could win any contest
by stinkin up the joint

Amongst those that flatulate
he couldn't be any hipper
then he gained a nickname
he was known as "Jack The Ripper"

But then he met his match
and he vanished from the scene
his stinky farts were ended
by a Fresh Air Machine

So the moral of this story
that you have learned today
is EcoQuest purifiers
will take your smells away!

M A Sizzler

If you thought Mr Sizzler was funny, click on the link below to email this to someone you know or just link to this post.

Of course this blog is not associated with EcoQuest International in any way, shape or form.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


The EcoQuest Breeze AT Air Purifier

I haven't talked much about the Breeze AT air purifiers by EcoQuest here on this blog but it is certainly a great air purifier that will take care of your clean air needs.

The BreezeAT is a mid priced air purifier that will clean the air in your home, or anywhere else for that matter, up to 2,500 square feet.

Unlike the Living Air Classic I talked about in my last post, the BreezeAT has a remote control and a sanitize mode that you can use to run the unit on high for 2 hours. You can set it and forget it and leave your home to come back to a clean fresh smell.

While the Fresh Air a nice top of the line air purifier, it also has a nice top of the line price. The manufacturers suggested retail price of the Fresh Air is $749 while the price for the Breeze AT's price is only $549.

The Breeze doesn't have the fancy read out on the front like the Fresh Air does and it also has only a 2 hour sanitize mode compared to the Fresh Air having a 2, 4, 6 or 8 hour sanitize mode. The Fresh Air also has what is known as Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI) which is a $5 word for really advanced ionization.

What ionization will do is to clean your air of particle matter by causing dust to clump together and fall out of your breathing space.

The Breeze does have a form of ionization, actually 2 forms of ionization. One is an ionization that works in the room you have the air purifier in and one is a form of ionization that is called radio wave ionization and actually goes through the walls in your home to remove particles and dust.

So if you are looking to get you air clean and don't have $749 but can scrape up $549 then the Breeze AT is the air purifier for you.

Get in touch with a dealer near you and ask them to let you try out the Breeze for 3 to 5 days.

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