Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Possible New Life For EcoQuest's WindTree

The EcoQuest International Blog has a story about an email just sent out by EcoQuest CEO Mike Jackson possibly reviving the WindTree wind energy project.

The WindTree was developed several years ago as a windmill, wind energy project but never saw the light of day because it wouldn't work properly, but this recent buzz is suggesting something may be blowing in the wind.

The official announcement will come at the EcoQuest Success Institute on January 28-30.

Go read the WindTree story.

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EcoQuest LaundryPure Pre Filter Kit

EcoQuest is recommending that for optimum performance you should consider getting the pre filter kit for their LaundryPure unit. The pre filter kit is priced at $79 at retail and is particularly for those that have well water or serious water quality issues.

Frankly though if you just spent over $750 for a LaundryPure unit, more than the cost of a washing machine by the way, I don't think you want to shell out another $79 for a filter kit.

It's up to you though. And they do make pretty good air purifiers like the:

Fresh Air by EcoQuest
Living Air Classic (soon to be discontinued)
Eagle 5000
Breeze AT
Fresh Air To Go
Fresh Air DuctwoRx
and several others

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