Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Get EcoQuest Fresh Air Purification For Your Home

If you have the usual bad smells and dust in your home, it may finally be time to get a Fresh Air or other air purifier from EcoQuest International.

EcoQuest has been selling the top brand of air purifiers for more than 20 years now and has a model that's just right for your home and budget.

EcoQuest has systems for your home, for your car, for your office or small room, for an apartment or condo and they even have one you can wear around your neck when you travel.

Some of the models of air purifiers they sell are:

Fresh Air by EcoQuest
Fresh Air Focus
Living Air Classic
Fresh Air Everest
Fresh Air To Go
Fresh Air Buddy
and several more

If you are in the market for clean air, (and who in the right mind isn't? I mean who wants a skanky house?) then check out the deals on an air purifier from EcoQuest International today!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


EcoQuest International Happy Trails

EcoQuest Air Purifier Dealer Dan Graham leads his wagon train to success

What if you lived 150 years ago, and you heard there was gold in California? Not only that, but that the government was giving land to anyone who would homestead it? Would you set off for parts unknown alone, or would you hire the best wagon master you could find?

Dan Graham, Master Manager from Winchester, Kentucky, asks these questions of all his new recruits.

“Chances are the first thing you’d do is find a wagon master who’d been there before,” he says. Imagine that wealth and prosperity is California, the wagon train is EcoQuest, and your upline is the wagon master. “I can relate everything about this business to that wagon train,” Dan says.
“We can show you how to get to California. We can show you where the shallow places are, where you can cross the river without drowning. We can show you where the cliffs are so you won’t fall off and break your neck. When the wheel falls off your wagon—which we know they will—we’ll be there to help you get it back on.”

In other words, follow the proven formula. “EcoQuest wants you to succeed, and will do everything possible to help you,” he says. “We have some of the finest leadership in the world,” so let them guide you.

“The wagon train will be a little bumpy at first because, after all, you’re used to living in the city where it’s all nice and smooth. You’ll be going down a trail that’s unfamiliar to you. There will be some ruts, but we’ll be there to help you. You can be going up a mountain thinking you’ll never get to the next level, and we’ll be there with a helping hand to help you get there.”

For instance, a common pitfall for new Business Owners is that they don’t treat their business like a business, Dan says. “I teach my downline that this is a real business. It needs real business activities to make it happen.”

Reach out, advertise, expose your business to others. Keep track of income and outgo. Have a totally separate business account. “Many people get into this just thinking they can make $270 on a machine. Then they turn around and spend the money rather than using it to promote their business.”

If you don’t know how to promote a business, study. Ask your upline. Get all the training you can. You are running a business now.

“If you are good at following the wagon master, you won’t have any problem getting to California.”

Dan has plenty of business experience. He raised registered Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, and Shih Tzu dog breeds. At one point, he owned 60 dogs. He learned to groom them himself, and later opened a grooming shop, which he ran for nine years.

Health problems related to lifting heavy dogs forced him out of that business. After two surgeries and a probable third, “my doctor told me to find something else,” he says. His son introduced him to EcoQuest in 1999. Dan turned to Dan and Debbie Gibson as his own wagon masters.
He loves dogs as much as he loves helping people. While much is heard about the benefits of Fresh Air for people, Dan is quick to say that the same technology helps animals.

“There are a lot of concerns about dog diseases like kennel cough, parvovirus, and coronavirus,” he says. “It’s a big plus to take your animals to a shop where Fresh Air is installed. One of my first business testimonies was a lady whose dog had severe allergies. It had sores the size of a softball. It had weepy eyes and running ears. In three weeks when he came back in to be groomed, I didn’t recognize him. All the sores had cleared up but one. The eyes and the ears were cleared up. She said the dog was jumping around like a puppy. She had a bad case of mold in her house. As it turns out, the dog was allergic to mold.”

Dan primarily uses direct mail in his business. A mailing house in Lexington sends out his business testimonial letters in bulk. The return on those letters is the national average of 1-2 percent.

“A lot of my people run newspaper ads and use Internet leads as well as face-to-face retailing and recruiting,” he says. “I’ve done it all except for radio and television. I’ve always felt that if I was going to be a teacher, I’d have to try everything myself and offer feedback to my people.”

Dan and his wife, Margaret, have come a long way. Margaret is a special education teacher. They married at about the same time Dan joined EcoQuest, a second marriage for both. Between them, they had eight children and one and a half bathrooms. To say there was a line at the bathroom door, is an “understatement,” Dan says. Within eight months of working his EcoQuest business, Dan and Margaret bought a new house, “and we now have 4,000 square feet and five baths,” says Dan.

And while the bonus car program didn’t attract him to the company initially, “it sure was nice to walk onto a Mercedes lot, pick the car I wanted, and drive it home that day.”

Dan has won four bonus cars. He and Margaret have traveled extensively with the President’s Club, and do things for their family, church, and charities that they once only dreamed of.
“We took our entire family on a cruise to Nassau and the Keys this year,” he says. “Because of EcoQuest, I was able to pay for the entire thing. My grandkids loved it. I couldn’t have done that on a groomer’s salary.”

EcoQuest is a viable and important opportunity, he says. “People are realizing they can’t depend on corporate America any more. They are doing more and more to secure their future.”
EcoQuest offers that security, he says.

“And when you get to California, you’ll say, ‘what a journey. I’m so glad we decided to come.’”

Monday, January 21, 2008


EcoQuest International's Mike Jackson To Speak In Jacksonville

Mike Jackson is traveling across the country, sharing why EcoQuest International is the world’s best home-based business opportunity available.

On February 1, Mike will be in Jacksonville, FL for a special Opportunity meeting.
He will share the principles he’s seen many top EcoQuest leaders use to build thriving home-based businesses that have helped build successful leaders around the world.

Mike will also talk about the ActivePure effect on MRSA Staph, Avian Flu, and other contaminants in University testing. He'll share how EcoQuest’s exclusive, space-based technology can change lives around the world.

Join him as he covers the latest EcoQuest products and programs designed to launch your business into the stars and keep it growing strong into the next decade.

This is your opportunity to share the EcoQuest vision with your guests and other EcoQuest Business Owners, so BRING GUESTS!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


EcoQuest Dealer Sell Air Purifiers And Have Success

EcoQuest Dealer Jackie Anding throws a party and catches success

When Jackie Anding received her first shipment of EcoQuest air purifier products five years ago, she immediately had a pizza party.

“I asked folks if they would help me try the unit and give me their feedback,” says Jackie. “I moved 40 units in my first six weeks in business.”

"The process is simple," says Jackie, now a Sales Manager. “Tell five to ten of your closest friends that you have bought into a new business and have all this cool product. Make it exciting. Let them help you open up the product and see what you got. People were excited to see all the cool stuff, and synergy in the room was huge. I asked my friends to try the stuff and give me testimonials because I didn’t have any.”

Jackie was introduced to EcoQuest when she was in real estate sales. “A gentleman to whom I sold a home asked me if I wanted to try a ‘box of air,’” she says. “He had just bought into the company. I said yes. Lo and behold, it was great. I joined and then the office manager in my business organization joined.”

It took Jackie nine months to fire her boss and go full time with EcoQuest. She loved her job, but she hated the 55-hour weeks in the real estate office. Plus, she wanted to move her elderly parents closer to her. In that nine months, Jackie put a Fresh Air and Living Water in every home as she sold them.

“I did a lot of real estate presentations,” she says. “Every agent, not just brokers, should have these in their cars. Homes smell, what with cats, dogs, mold, and mildew. These help.”

Before long, Jackie got her bonus car—a Cadillac CTS. She’s getting her second bonus car soon.
Jackie’s advice to others: “Feel the urgency of your why. Write it on a 3x5 card and look at it every day. Be persistent. Have patience and faith.”

"When you hit a valley instead of a peak, call your mentor," she says. “Turn to them for encouragement. They will put the belief back in you. What are you doing this for and why? If you run into a rut, personal development is the number one way out of that rut.

“Personal growth helps me through the valleys,” says Jackie. “It gives me positive focus to know that success doesn’t come overnight. When I plug into personal development, it keeps me focused on the right path. It helps me focus on the positive. If you put garbage into your head and hang around people who are negative, you are not going to get the results out of your personal life or your business. You have to fill yourself with the good. I believe that 95 percent of our success comes from personal development.”

Jackie finds that she always falls back on faith and patience. “Don’t look for instant gratification. Give it time. We’ve got a great system, a great company, and a great company president. We are in good hands.

“Focus on helping other people by offering the opportunity or the product. Focus on their needs and see how you can help change their lives. Take the focus off the money. We all know we need money. Focus on helping others. How many people can we help with our technology and opportunity?”

Jackie might be a Sales Manager, but in her mind she’s already a Master Manager—exactly the kind of personal development and positive thinking that will get her there.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


EcoQuest International Family Business Testimony

Scott Mathieu was 18 years old when his father died tragically and unexpectedly. Though devastated, he was in line to inherit his father’s very successful investment business. Unfortunately, an unscrupulous employee stole the client base.

“We lost our family business,” says Scott. “Instead of a very bright future, I was faced with a situation where I had no economic prospects and was forced to go to work right away.”

Scott wanted to go to college, but couldn’t afford it. He met his wife, Amanda, while she was attending a private college. When they married, Scott took the first job the temporary agency offered him - working on the maintenance crew - and stayed there for 10 years.

“In that time, I worked as hard and as smart as I could, but I could never break out of the maintenance department because I didn’t have a degree,” he says.

In that 10 years, the Mathieu family grew, and their stack of bills grew taller. They had six children, and they were struggling.

One day the young couple noticed that their pastor and his wife—Dan and Debbie Gibson—were living more comfortably than a church salary could afford. They found out that the Gibsons had an EcoQuest business.

Building their own business wasn’t fast or easy. Scott maintained his full-time job for another year while building his business.

In time, they traded in their rundown station wagon with its saggy roof-lining for a Suburban. Since then, they have obtained several large cars. Now they live in a big house with a swimming pool and a huge yard. Their lives have been totally transformed by their home business. Scott is an innovator, using new media technologies to reach more prospects and share EcoQuest.

But, the biggest moment in Scott’s EcoQuest story is when his son Michael, now 18 years old, joined the company with him. Scott has been able to give his son something he was denied—a business legacy.

“Michael just earned his bonus car,” says Scott. “He is building his own business unit, and he’s doing fantastic. I can’t tell you how it made me feel when he decided to join our family business. Fathers and sons used to work together in business in times past. I was denied that, but now my son and I are working together.”

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