Thursday, April 20, 2006


EcoQuest Keeps Moving On

EcoQuest has been producing air purifiers like the Fresh Air and Living Air Classic for more than 20 years and they just keep working at it and growing year after year.

Located in Greeneville Tennessee they have manufactured more than 6 million air purifiers and have shipped them all over the know world. I'm sure some have even ended up in an unknown part of the world as well.

Alpine Industries was started back in 1987 by William Converse in his garage at home when he invented the most widely used air purification technology used today.

Bill's wife used to suffer from migraine headaches but found relief when she would come into the garage to be with Bill. This technology was what Mr. Converse had been looking for. He wanted a solution to the poor air quality that is rampant in our homes today. He finally found what he was working so hard for.

This started an air purification revolution and, as they say, the rest is history.

Alpine Industries would later become the top air purification company in the world when Mike Jackson, who had extensive experience in a nutritional company, moved over to Alpine and eventually bought the company and renamed it.

This company has a long history of making a variety of air purification systems for every application you can possibly think of.

They even have an air purifier for your car that does a number on smoke and odors. No need to have a stinky car any longer.

See your local dealer for information on all the products offered.


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