Tuesday, August 29, 2006


EcoQuest And Stinkiy Smells

Do you have oh so stinky smells you just can't rid your musty dwelling of?

If you do, then your EcoQuest dealer can come to the rescue with a Fresh Air Machine, provided of course, you can pay for it.

Oh yea, if you have a potty problem cat or dog, if junior has tennis shoes that should be condemned, if gramps like those 5 cent stogies, if someone likes to eat lots of beans (you'll get that one eventually) or even if you haven't given Rover a bath in about 5 years a Fresh Air air purifier can take care of even the worst smells.

EcoQuest Fresh Air treats odors like tenants that haven't paid rent in 6 months, out they go!

So get your cash together by shaking out the couch, holding back your kids' allowance for a few months or having a bake sale and call your EcoQuest dealer like yesterday.

If you don't have an EcoQuest dealer near you, call 800.989.2299 and tell them the wise guy blogger sent you.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


EcoQuest Convention Has Concluded

The 2006 EcoQuest International Convention in Memphis Tennessee has concluded and they have introduced some great new products besides the usual line of air purifiers.

Stay tuned for more exciting info coming soon.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006


EcoQuest And The Truth About Ozone

Many of the air purifiers like the Fresh Air manufactured by EcoQuest International use ozone as one of the technologies that make them work so effectively.

There is some controversy around the use of ozone in household air purification systems but, did you know that ozone at natural levels is vital? Did you know it cleans the air by oxidizing pollution?

You are exposed to ozone every day. Have you ever smelled the fresh clean scent of the air after a thunderstorm? That's ozone working and doing its magic. The areas of the world with the freshest air, up in the mountains or around a waterfall smell like that because ozone and other safe oxidizers are at work cleaning the air.

The air inside your home doesn't have or has very low levels of ozone in it, so how does it get clean? Well, you can try an air filter, but that only cleans the air that reaches the machine. It doesn't take care of the odors, bacteria on the surfaces of things in your home, mold and many other pollutants that will never reach the air filter.

Even though ozone is a natural air cleaner, you don't necessarily have to have it to clean your air. Through EcoQuest International's latest space-age technology they have manufactured the next generation of indoor air purification equipment.

Using a new technology of peroxides and super-oxide ions, university testing shows that EcoQuest's new Fresh Air purifiers eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and mold on surfaces without the use of ozone.

Did you know that you can now get a Fresh Air purifier without ozone? EcoQuest has two models of the Fresh Air to choose from. The Fresh Air by EcoQuest uses ozone during the Away operation mode and the Fresh Air Everest uses Radiant Catalytic Ionization or RCI technology only. That means the Fresh Air Everest has the same germ fighting capabilities as the Fresh Air by EcoQuest without the use of ozone.

Also, both Fresh Air models are proven to eliminate smoke and odors.

Dr James Marsden has said that "it's not simply the presence of ozone, but the dosage level that is important. Safe, natural levels are needed to clean the air."

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Which EcoQuest Air Purifier Should You Get?

Welcome EcoQuest air purifier fans! Are you looking for an air purifier but are confused as to what's available and what you need. Of course you're confused, there are so many sellers of so-called air purification systems that make so many different claims even a nuclear scientist or a brain surgeon would be confused.

Let's get one thing straight, you need an air purifier for your particular needs, not what some slick salesman what's you to have so he can finance his new Lexus.

If you need a personal air purifier which is good for taking with you on airplanes, busses, trains etc., you should get the Fresh Air Buddy.

If you need air purification in your office or closed room, you should get a Fresh Air Spectrum. This is a pretty cool piece of technology, not like an iPod or anything like that, but none the less cool for air purifiers. The Fresh Air Spectrum is a flat panel air cleaning system that has no moving parts.

Can you say kewl?

Now if you have a house that needs air purification, and who doesn't, then you need the top of the line system from EcoQuest International, the Fresh Air purifier. This puppy cleans the air in your home up to an amazing 3,000 sq ft.

Got all that cleared up now. Don't delay, call your local EcoQuest dealer pronto, they're waiting by the phone.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


EcoQuest Convention Features Ground Zero Photographer

The Official Ground Zero Photographer, Gary Marlon Suson will be traveling to the EcoQuest International Memphis Convention from New York City to speak about EcoQuest`s involvement in the new Ground Zero Museum Workshop. He will also present EcoQuest President Mike Jackson with a very special gift from Ground Zero as a thank you for his contributions to the new museum.

Attending the convention with Mr. Suson are a few of New York's Bravest: FDNY firefighters, some of who survived the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Mr. Suson will be on hand afterwards to sell and autograph books and posters from the Ground Zero Museum Workshop to benefit his 9/11-related 501 (c3) charities. He will also be silent auctioning three (3) custom, museum quality images.

If you are an EcoQuest dealer you won`t want to miss this presentation!

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EcoQuest Whole Home Air Purification Solution

EcoQuest has a whole house air purification solution for those of you that need an entire solution that covers every square inch of your home, including the a/c ductwork.

Starting out with a DuctwoRx from EcoQuest International, at the heart of DuctwoRx is Certified Space Technology Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI) which uses the same process NASA uses to scrub and clean the air inside their spacecraft.

DuctwoRx installs in your air conditioning right after the air handler.

DuctwoRx enhances the effectiveness of the next part of the system which is the Fresh Air, the whole house air purifier from EcoQuest.

Fresh Air uses 5 different technologies know as SynairG 5 to clean the air in your home. Plug in this remarkable air purification system for clean air anywhere and everywhere in your home.

The next part of the whole house system is the Fresh Air Spectrum UVX, the world's only flat panel air purifier. The Spectrum UVX addresses air quality in small but specific areas in your home. Maybe you have an office, laundry room, or bathroom that is particularly musty, the Spectrum is perfect for this. The Spectrum clean an area up to 500 sq ft.

No moving parts make this a one of a kind air purifier.

Ready for the last part of the system? If you need extra air circulation in your home and are in need of a ceiling fan, why not try a Fanfaire. There isn't another fan like it anywhere in the world.

Fanfaire uses uv light and ion introduction to clean every square inch of the room that it's in. The attractive fan has 5 paddles and an attractive lighting kit.

There you have it, the complete air purification system for your home from EcoQuest International. There isn't any need to have to put up with dirty air any longer.

See your EcoQuest Dealer for more details.


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