Saturday, January 09, 2010


EcoQuest Air Purifier Dealers Can Make More Money

For dealers from EcoQuest International the month of January will run from Jan 4th-Jan 31st.

During the month of January, dealers earned BONUSES will be calculated using the Old Compensation Plan. You will still need to achieve the qualifications as stated under the Old Compensation Plan. (Basically no change from how your Dec ’09 Compensation Plan worked).

However, if the New Compensation Plan would have earned you more under that Plan in January, then you will be paid the greater amount. If you are a dealer selling air pufication systems auch as the Fresh Air by EcoQuest, you will need to achieve the qualification requirements as stated under the New Compensation Plan to qualify. Settlement will take place one week following the Old Compensation Plan payout in February 2010. Weekly payouts don’t start until the month of February.

So basically, everyone will get paid the greater of the two Compensation Plans (Please note that Retail Prices and Wholesale Prices as well as QV/PV amounts will not change in January for the Old Compensation Plan from what they were in December 2009. EcoQuest will only use the new published PV values when calculating Bonuses under the New Compensation Plan)

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Time To Buy An EcoQuest air Purifier?

Isn't it finally time to buy an air purifier from EcoQuest International this year? I guess you could make it your New Year's resolution to get rid of the stinky air in your home that comes from your pets, or from your stinky cigarettes.

An air purifier such as the Fresh Air by EcoQuest that will clean the air in a pretty large home all the way up to 3,000 sq ft. Many people use these air filters in smaller condos, mobile homes, apartments, medium sized homes and large homes. Just because the unit is good for up to that large amount of living space, doesn't mean that you have to have a large home. You can put this air purification system in any size home, office or dwelling you have.

Millions of people are experiencing the benefits of owning an air purifier from EcoQuest International. They have cleaner fresher air in their homes that smells just like what the air smells like after a thunderstorm.

We have had these units in our home for over 6 years now and they do a fantasric job of really making your home feel and smell clean.

If you are tired of the air in your home or in your office smelling or just feeling bad, then it's time to get rid of the funky air and get a Fresh Air from EcoQuest. Don't wait, call your local EcoQuest dealer today and get a free in home trial of these systems.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Fresh Air Purifier - EcoQuest Fresh Air

The most popular air purifier in the world today is made in Dallas Texas by EcoQuest International and it is known as the Fresh Air Purifer or the EcoQuest Fresh Air.

It has been on the market for more than 20 years and does a great job of cleaning the air in people's homes up to 3,000 square feet. The company was originally based in Greeneville Tennessee and has since moved out of that area when they were acquired by Aerus Holdings LLC last year (2009).

The Fresh Air Purifier sells for $749 and comes with a 3 year guarantee and can be purchased from local EcoQuest dealers in your area.

The unit operates in 3 different modes for your convenience and those modes are:

Normal Mode - Uses ActivPure and RCI technology for most everyday clean air applications.

High Mode - This mode uses ozone or what the company calls activated oxygen that helps in reducing smoke, odors and other airborne contaminants.

Away Mode - Uses a full blast of ozone and super cleans the air in your home while leaving a fresh and clean smell after it is done. The mode can be set from 2 to 8 hours and is good for deodorizing a smelly pet bed, a musty basement, or grandpa's old boots. As the mode states, you must be away from your dwelling or outside when it is in use.

You can try an EcoQuest Fresh Air anytime for 3 to 5 days by contacting a company dealer in your area.

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