Tuesday, February 26, 2008


EcoQuest ecobox On The Montel Williams Show

The ecobox makes its television debut on the Montel Williams show this Thursday, Feb 28. Check your local listings for times and channels.

As part of Montel's Living Well with Montel health series of show topics, the ecobox will be mentioned as "one of the most state of the art purifying systems out there." The show focuses on germs and strategies to control exposure to illness causing germs. 2 studio audience members receive an ecobox. The ecobox will also be featured on the MontelShow.com site. The Montel Williams show is one of television's most watched daytime talk shows.

Effective - ecobox reduces germs on surfaces. It kills MRSA. It kills Avian Flu. It kills Salmonella, E.Coli, Strep, fungus, mold, yeast...

Natural - ecobox is just like bringing a little nature indoors. Harmful germs don't usually run amuck on surfaces outside. That's because nature keeps germs in check.

Prevention - ecobox helps reduce exposure to germs like the flu - Plain and simple.
And now we have a color for every room, every mood, and everybody.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Live The EcoQuest Lifestyle

Get an air purifier from EcoQuest International.

As a registered nurse, Gloria Eden of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, has always had an interest in health. After reading Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond 15 years ago, she says her life was changed.

"I became a certifiable health nut," she says. "That book transformed my thinking about health. They never taught me that stuff in nursing school. I was angry. On a dime, I changed our lifestyle."

That lifestyle included clean water and fresh air, and when she ran across an EcoQuest air purifier a few years later, she knew she had found a life-changing product. In fact, she wanted to sell it, but the opportunity was never offered to her.

Six years ago, when her unit needed servicing, she searched her materials and found a name on an EcoQuest publication. The name was not the original seller, but she called it anyway.

"They said I had the dirtiest machine they had ever seen!" says Gloria. "They showed me how to clean it. After we got it up and running again, this couple introduced me to the business. I was so impressed."

Gloria and John had tried one or two home businesses in the past, and "either the product was good and the plan wasn't, or the plan was good and the product wasn't," she says. EcoQuest filled the bill on both counts.

It cost so little to join that they signed right up. That was in November 2001. In December, they bought EcoQuest products for everyone in their family. In January 2002, they decided they better learn to run their business.

"We got our Success Pack and got very excited. We knew a lot of people who got very excited by what we told them. People listened to us. We sold a lot of product and brought a lot of people into the business."

Gloria and John primarily use Internet leads in their business now. They have tried a lot of sales methods and find that this system works best for them. John, who has a background in finance, is legally blind. Working from home-on the phone and computer-works out well for him. For years he worked the financial side of a family-owned drug company. The couple also owns rental properties.

Gloria founded a local chapter of Business Networking International a year and a half ago. The group has been extremely helpful in her networking and business building.

"We both are workaholics and we love business," says Gloria. "We love the EcoQuest culture and the dynamic products. If we had all the money in the world, we wouldn't quit our business."
The Edens sell the technology and consumables. While Fresh Air is their perennial bestseller, they also sell a lot of supplements-notably Essentials for Life, the Enzyme Diet, and InfiAid.
"We're big users of the products because we totally believe in them," she says. "In this day and age, it's not easy to eat well enough because of lack of nutrients in the soil, food picked before it's prime and shipped around the world, and more."

Gloria's advice to Business Owners is to "stay plugged into the system. Learn it and do it. First stay in touch with whomever brought you into the business, then learn who is above that person. Find a mentor, someone you can relate to, and stay in touch every day. Attend conventions and local meetings, and do everything you can to build your business."

The Edens highly recommend training calls to all Business Owners. EcoQuest Conference Calls are available Monday-Saturday several times a day. An Opportunity Message and the Quick Start Coaching and Product Setup call are available around the clock.

"I want people to know that this is a real business," says Gloria. "Anybody who doesn't want to spend a fortune in startup couldn't do any better. With EcoQuest, we work in the service of people. We've tried little home businesses before, and that's exactly what they were-little home businesses. EcoQuest is more than that."

Thursday, February 14, 2008


EcoQuest Dealers Success Story

If Sales Managers, Jean and Susan Hart have to give advice to Business Owners, it would be to listen to your mentors.

"There might be a better wheel out there, but I'm not patient enough to try to invent it," Jean says. Why bother, when you can "use the proven formula?"

The Bedford, Texas couple has been with EcoQuest since the end of January 2007, but it's the second time around for Jean, who was a distributor nearly a decade ago. Jean says he didn't make it the first time around because he was too shy. He was too insecure to strike up conversations with strangers, "but I'm a little older now. It's easier."

The first thing Jean did when he found EcoQuest this year was call Dave Tatsak, who was also a former distributor.

"I started talking about the LaundryPure, and he was interested. A half hour later, he called me back and signed up," Jean says.

Jean and Susan credit their success to their fellow EcoQuesters in Dallas.

"I don't have any big secrets," he says. "Success is not really a big secret here in this part of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We've got a great upline working for us, and a great downline. Everybody works as a team. We're kind of like a big family working together. Everybody helps everybody. We work well together for strangers who just came together. We've got some tremendously intelligent and business savvy people above us and, basically, we do what they say and replicate what they say for success. It's working for us."

The Harts go every Thursday night to the Dallas Convention Center for an EcoQuest meeting. Jo and John Clements, Master Managers, set up the weekly meetings, complete with EcoQuest products on display. Carol and Ron Marszalek sponsored the Harts.

"I call Carol 'Mom' because she's so helpful," says Jean. "She has been an absolute jewel and has helped Susan and me tremendously."

The Harts have dealt mostly with retail sales, but are ready to jump into more sponsoring.
"We talk to some warm, some cold contacts. We talk to everybody that we run into about the product or the Opportunity. Some people look at us like we're crazy, but some want to know more."

The Fresh Air and the LaundryPure are their biggest selling products. They make sure they have plenty of DVDs and brochures with their identification on them at all times. Nowadays, Jean isn't too shy to strike up conversations in the grocery store line or wherever he might be.

Although some might say the Harts have a part-time business, Jean calls it a "second full-time job." From the sound of it, though, he loves every minute of it. When not working on their home business, Jean works for Southwest Airlines, and Susan works for CTX Mortgage Company.

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