Thursday, August 20, 2009


EcoQuest International Free Energy Contest Winners

EcoQuest International's Free Energy and Hawaii Vacation Giveaway contests are over, and the final drawing winners have been chosen. Congratulations to David Hicks and Nicole Arseneau!

David Hicks of Detroit, TX is the final Free Energy Giveaway winner of $3,000. That's enough to cover his energy bills for the next year! Congrats to David and his Dealer, Linda Poggenpohl who gave him the winning coupon.

The final Hawaii Vacation Giveaway winner is Nicole Arseneau of Bergenfield, NJ. Nicole and one lucky person of her choosing will enjoy a dream vacation to Hawaii on EcoQuest! When her Dealer, Natalie Callahan told Nicole the great news, she says she was "in complete shock, speechless, and then kept saying how she never wins anything and couldn't believe this was really happening to her."

Natalie was just as excited for her customer. She emailed us with this to say;

"Thank you so much for your exciting call this morning.

"Approximately 6-9 months ago, a co-worker of mine experienced the Fresh Air Technology and when I informed her she was eligible to fill out an entry form for the Hawaii vacation sweepstakes, her response was, 'No, its ok I never win anything.' However, after persuading her she finally filled out the form. This morning my phone rang with Myra from EcoQuest on the other line stating that my co-worker, Nicole just won the Hawaii trip. I was beyond excited for her because I remember how hesitant she was in filling out the form, and knowing she finally won an amazing vacation brought such a smile on my face. I couldn't believe that someone who I came in contact with won this amazing vacation."

Congratulations Nicole and Natalie!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


EcoQuest EcoPower4 Online Training

EcoQuest EcoPower4 New Course Available Now

A new EcoPower4 101 Training course is now available at
This is not a certification course, but if you are interested in residential or commercial EcoPower4 and everything related to energy and power factor, then this course will be a great informational tool for your business.

More on the training:

This training program addresses the need for this product, the technology that supports it, sales resources, and the marketing strategy with features and benefits that should be used when selling this product into the residential market.

The training consists of 6 separate modules which can be completed at the student's own pace. Over 25 supporting handouts and links are included with the training.

This training can be taken by both marketing professionals as well as electrical professionals.

To register for the class, visit, and register for the "EcoTrust Energy Commercial Certification Program."

Saturday, August 08, 2009


Buy EcoQuest International Air Purifiers

Lots of people are looking to buy EcoQuest International air purifiers because of their effective air cleaning technology and their huge network of dealers all around the United States. Units like the Fresh Air by EcoQuest are some of the most popular purifiers sold today.

Maybe you have a pet odor problem, or someone in your home smokes, or you have a mildew problem or you just plain want cleaner air in your home. That's not a problem with the many different kinds of air purifiers sold by EcoQuest dealers.

Some of the more popular EcoQuest air pufiers sold by their network of dealers are:

The Fresh Air by EcoQuest
The Fresh Air Everest
Living Air Classic
Fresh Air Buddy
Fresh Air PHX for single rooms
Fresh Air Buddy
Fresh Air To Go

There are the 10 most popular air purification systems sold by EcoQuest. Whatever problems you may have in your home, car or office, EcoQuest has a solution for you.

Contact your local EcoQuest dealer for a free trial of their technology and try out a system in your home today. You will be glad you decided to get clean air.

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