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EcoQuest International

EcoQuest International

What are some common problems and their solutions with air purifiers made by EcoQuest?

Q: Some people believe that the air purifier, like the Fresh Air, isn't working after their three day free trial.

A: The usual solution to this problem is that the unit may not have been set up in the right area of the home or there could have been poor air circulation around the unit.

In some cases certain individuals may not notice any difference in the air quality in their home when everyone else does. I once placed a Fresh Air with someone who had a foul, musty smell in a workout room. When I came back three days later, everyone in the house, except this one person, noticed a huge difference. There was a huge difference. So what does a person do?

The solution for this problem is financial counseling for Mr tightwad! The problem is not in the Fresh Air, it is in the wallet of Mr Thrifty. While he may think he's saving his family money, they're the ones who have to put up with Mr Tightwad's stinky B.O. in the workout room.

Tell Mr Tightwad to loosen up the pursestrings or he's on rations of bread and water for the next 2 weeks.!

Q: But what if a strong odor really does remain in the home after placement of the air purifier?

S: This is usually caused by the unit, like a Living Air Classic or Fresh Air machine, not being on a high enough setting or not using the "Sanitize" or "Away" mode. When there are significant odor issues inside a home, significant steps must be taken to alleviate the problem.

Use the higher end modes to really flush out the odors in your home, that's what they were made for. Consult your EcoQuest dealer and Owner's Manual for more information on your particular air purifier from EcoQuest.

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