Saturday, April 01, 2006


LaundryPure From EcoQuest - Now They're More Than Air Purification

EcoQuest International has been know for 20 years as the world leader in air purification but they will soon be known for clean laundry as well.

This month the company that brought you some of the top air purifiers available like the Fresh Air by EcoQuest and the Living Air Classic will be introducing LaundryPure. LaundryPure will be known as the only product in the world that will clean your clothes without the need for detergent, fabric softener or even hot water.

LaundryPure uses Radiant Catalytic Ionization, Silver Ions, high intensity UVX light, hydroxyl radicals and a bunch of other stuff that would take Albert Einstein to understand to clean your clothes slicker than a greased pig in a Teflon jump suit.

Bottom line, you will be surprised at how clean your clothes will be and the company famous for air purification will now be know for clean clothes.

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