Thursday, April 13, 2006


EcoQuest President Mike Jackson Speaks About Air Purification On CNBC

EcoQuest President Mike Jackson recently sat down with bio-issues expert Dr. James Marsden for an interview on CNBC’s World Business Review, hosted by Former Secretary of State "I'm In Charge Here" Alexander Haig.

The show covered a wide range of topics that are important to business, families and the country as a whole. The topic of clean air and air purification was also discussed. Even though the show was taped January 26th it won't air until May 7th and exact air times will be forthcoming.

The featured portion of the interview ran 7 minutes but if you contact your EcoQuest Dealer and are really nice and maybe beg them they can get you the full interview that lasted an entire 18 minutes. Eighteen minutes is a long time in the broadcast world so the suits at CNBC shortened it to a mere 7 minutes.

But you can get the full interview where EcoQuest President Mike Jackson has an expanded discussion about indoor air quality and what EcoQuest products do to take care of this problem.

Yes, I have to say it...

EcoQuest International has the indoor air pollution solution!

This is absolutely riviting television with Alexander Haig, Mike Jackson and Dr. James Marsden.

You don't want to miss it.

Stay tuned in for more on the exact times this interview about air purification technology will be aired on CNBC. You might learn something about air purification you didn't know, like for instance, did you know that dust consists mostly of dead skin cells. Eeeeew is that totally gross or what?

Get rid of dust with an air purifier already, will ya!

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