Saturday, June 28, 2008


EcoQuest Gemini Air Purifier Now For Sale

Gemini is the newest air purifier by EcoQuest International and is available right now from your EcoQuest dealer.

The EcoQuest Gemini air purifier uses the same ActivePure technology that is available in their more advanced models such as the Fresh Air by EcoQuest and adds some exciting new features never before used in their purification systems. One of the biggest and most exciting new features is the use of a true 4 stage HEPA filtration system that will remove 99.97% of particles and dust larger than 3 microns from your indoor air.

Gemini also has some great features that will help you get cleaner, fresher air in your home by using ionization, UV, photo-oxidation and carbon filitration.

Look forward to cleaning your air of pollutants such as:

Dust and dander
Pet dander
Mold spores
and more.

The system also comes with a washable carbon prefilter and covers up to 300 sq ft and is great for a room in your home or your office.

The unit sells for around $499 and can be tried out for 3 to 10 days from your local EcoQuest dealer. Don't put up with indoor air pollution any longer!

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