Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Important Info For Ecoquest Dealers & Customers

Does It Bother You That The State Of California Wants To Choose Which Air Purifier Technology Consumers Can And Can Not Purchase For Their Own Home?
It should and you must act now to stop this…

EcoQuest as well as many other manufactures, companies and consumer groups are fighting to ensure that any policy made in the State of California to regulate air purification is fair and reasonable. Presently, policy making bodies in the State of California have limited understanding of the application of some of our technologies and are suggesting testing procedures that could unfairly exclude a feature of our air purifying process as being “acceptable” in the State of California.

Although, we are confident that we will prevail on the corporate front in the establishment of fair and reasonable policy making, it may be important as a consumer yourself that you immediately take action in protecting your consumer freedom of choice, and also help protect a component of EcoQuest’s technology from being unfairly classified as potentially “unacceptable” for future consumer purchase.

There have been several consumer advocacy groups that are looking at this issue of fairness in policy making. One particular group called the California Consumers For Freedom of Choice (CCFC) has done a great job calling attention to the issue. The CCFC is making it easy for you as a consumer to be heard.


To protect your consumer freedom to combat indoor environmental pollution with safe, proven technologies, ACT NOW BY GOING TO the California Consumers For Freedom of Choice (CCFC) website.

Let the CCFC group know your air purifier story at:


Hello EcoQuest Business Owners and Consumers,

As you may know, a regulatory body in the State of California is crafting unreasonable and biased language that will limit the effectiveness and ability for consumers to use certain proven technologies that replicate natural processes to combat indoor pollution. We need your real-world testimonials to defend your freedom to choose a purifier that can quickly kill germs, viruses, mold and other dangerous pollutants in your home.

When Used as Directed These Natural Technologies Are Safe And Highly Effective!

As 1 of 5 synergistic technologies inside, in “Away” mode, our Fresh Air technology also uses an effective, natural oxidizer (ozone) to more quickly remove smoke, odors and other harmful pollutants when the space is “unoccupied”. In other operational modes intended for “occupied” spaces, only trace amounts are produced, but mostly oxidized quickly, in our ActivePure process. Much is misunderstood about ozone, as there are natural, safe levels necessary for healthy environments – both inside and outside. We agree that “high levels” of ozone may not be good for “occupied” spaces, and in this case only promote technologies that provide safe levels when used correctly.

If not challenged, this unfair regulation would harm California consumers health, by removing a highly effective tool that can quickly and safely reduce or eliminate exposure to harmful indoor pollutants from the air and on surfaces in their homes.

Does It Bother You That The State of California Believes You Are Not Educated Enough to ChooseAn Air Purifier That’s Right For You and Your Family?

The proposed regulations would strip Californian consumer's rights to the “Away Mode” accelerator function of our technology and even limit the effectiveness other functions based on an unreasonable small-chamber 2” testing rule. This test is designed to test our products ozone output with a probe 2” away from the face of the purifier when turned on “high” for 24 hours, and with very limited air circulation – ignoring common sense real world application and use!
When Was The Last Time You Spent 24Hrs With Your Nose 2 Inches Away From The Grill Of Your Fresh Air Purifier?

This is the equivalent of testing the heat in a room coming from a stack heater turned on high 2” away from the heater with very limited air circulation versus the middle of the room with proper air circulation. We believe California consumers are not stupid and would never hold their face 2” away from the front of their purifier for 24 hours at a time, nor would they climb into a small stainless steel chamber with limited air circulation and turn their purifier on high with nothing for the ozone to react with and cancel itself out. Instead we believe consumers are intelligent and can follow simple directions and use this technology responsibly and safely to fight off dangerous germs, viruses, mold, and odors in their home. Tens of thousands already do, and many have stated dramatic health improvements because of it!

Yet, despite the evidence or what consumers have to say, according to the State of California’s outdated science, “ozone is not effective in cleaning up the environment and nobody can benefit from products that use it at any level.” Our recent peer reviewed and published University testing with the prestigious facilities at Kansas State University shows the opposite. But the real proof is in the testimony of the thousands upon thousands who have had their lives dramatically improved by the technology!

Take action and help stop this nonsense by sending in your stories to help further prove to policy makers the effectiveness of ozone when used responsibly. Remember, your health and clean indoor living life-style is your responsibility, not the State level government…
You Can Express Yourself As A Consumer and Help Protect The Air Youand Your Family Breathe by Going to the CCFC’s website below.

Your Letters And Your Customers LettersFrom “All" States Are Needed By September 24, 2007

Help the California Consumers For Freedom of Choice group collect as many real user stories as possible. Any story - especially stories demonstrating improvements in health and well-being from breathing clean fresh air produced by this technology - are needed for this purpose. They need these letters in their hands by September 24, 2007 to make a difference. Now is your chance to become part of history and help set the record straight on ozone once and for all. Don’t delay; please let CCFC know your customer’s experiences (including your own personal experience) .

Go to and tell your story.

Thank you for taking the time to support this important history making effort!

Warmest regards,

Mike Jackson
CEO and FounderEcoQuest International

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Fresh Air Focus - EcoQuest Product Of The Week

EcoQuest Recommends Fresh Air Focus air purifier for your home

US40550 - Available in Pearl and Graphite

Retail Price - $49.00

Hampers, trash cans, diaper pails...they’re all designed to store smelly stuff. How do you stop them from smelling up the whole room?

The answer is to take one of nature’s most powerful deodorizers and target the very source of the problem; to literally focus what makes fresh air fresh, and bring it indoors.

No sprays, no perfumes - just nature. Fresh Air Focus.

Fresh Air Focus is a great sales closer as a thank you, or use it as an upsell on an order. Check it out at the main ecoquest website at

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


EcoQuest Dealers - Success With Fresh Air

EcoQuest Dealers, Are you ready for the ride of your life?

If so, then fasten your seat belts because the big months for your business are coming. Autumn is that magical time of year when leaves and people morph through colorful change. There's a crispness in the air and a promise of new beginnings. September, October, and November are some of the best months in EcoQuest.

As I was bringing Alex back to Minnesota I was thinking perhaps that this time of year reminds us of those magic back-to-school days of our youth. Lives were so full of promise and excitement back then, and for these brief months we seem to retain that enthusiasm of childhood. Nothing can stop us. We can do anything. The dog days of summer are gone and with them the excuses that held us back. The vacations are over, the kids are off to school and the time has come to make new choices. What will you choose for your future?

What will you do with your new beginning? Will this be the season when you finally decide to begin realizing your dreams? Will this Christmas season be special with the income you deserve? Or will you waltz through another fall of just getting by, driving a car that is less than what you would like, to a location where you are undervalued and unappreciated? Success is a choice - It's your choice. This year you have an option to give your people the tools they've never had. In Columbus we launched a whole new EcoQuest with tools and products designed to make your people more Cash and benefits than ever before.

Here is a life-changing reality - Success is about your people ... not you. History has proven that if you will help enough of your people get what they want, you'll get what you want!

Have your best year even as a dealer with EcoQuest International selling air purification systems and helping people get fresher, cleaner air in their homes.

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Monday, September 10, 2007


EcoQuest ActivTek Commercial Website Now Live

EcoQuest International is pleased to announce that the new website for their commercial air purifier business is up and running! Check it out at The site has been designed so that you can send your customers there to get more information about EcoQuest International and their products. Although some of the features of the site are not currently active, EcoQuest decided to activate it now so their activTek commercial Distributors have a powerful tool to introduce EcoQuest products like the Fresh Air by EcoQuest to potential customers.

The plan is to have a site that presents a commercial business operation to a customer, with all of the tools needed to run a commercial business behind a password protected area.
Currently, the Distributor log-in and password is not active, as well as some of the links at the bottom of the home page. EcoQuest commercial division is still developing the backroom tools including pricing, compensation plans, information about training, and announcements about current events and activities at activTek.

In the meantime, check them out as the activTek website develops into a strong business tool for EcoQuest's activTek commercial Distributors and their customers.

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Sunday, September 09, 2007


Next EcoQuest Success Institute

Join EcoQuest Dealers at the EcoQuest home office for the upcoming October 28th – 30th Success Institute. Home office and field leaders will be at EcoQuest International headquarters to give you the nuts and bolts training you need to jumpstart your business and keep it growing.

Attending a Success Institute may be the most important first step in the career of any new EcoQuest Dealer and Business Owner, and it’s an excellent opportunity for existing Business Owners to get the latest news and information from the people who know EcoQuest best – their management team and top field leaders.

So, round up those new Business Owners and get your registrations in. We’ll see you soon!
Visit the Success Institute page in your portal.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

As an innovative healthy living technology company, EcoQuest International often receives samples and ideas for new products. Many are great ideas that don’t quite fit our core technology or wellness product lines. Now we have a home for these high-quality products - The Marketplace. In some cases we are test-marketing products that might be added to our core line.

Other times they will be incredible products from top brand manufactures, and EcoQuest has negotiated a great deal for you so you can earn PV on great gift ideas for yourself, and others.

Try some delicious rainforest coffee from The Coffee Cup, grown in the rainforests of El Salvador. Or, check out Swiss Diamond cookware. Your favorite cook would love to find this pro-quality cookware under the tree this holiday season.

Shop around and check back often. We’re adding new products all the time.
Visit and take a look.

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