Saturday, December 15, 2007


EcoQuest - Time For A Fresh Air Purifier

It's Christmas time and it's a great time of the year to either ask for a Fresh Air by EcoQuest or to get one yourself. Heck, you can even buy one for someone.

The Fresh Air purifier is the number one selling air purifier in the world and will do a great job of cleaing the air in your home, office, boat, basement or wherever you need fresh clean air to breathe.

With all the bad stuff in our indoor environment today you should do all you can to keep your air clean.

The air purification systems by EcoQuest International can do the job for you.

Don't settle for air that smells bad or is full of dust and contaminants.

Get your air cleaned up today by getting an air purifier now! Yuo can buy one direct from an EcoQuest dealer or you can get one much cheaper on eBay by clicking the ad above. Select your air purifier from the many displayed and find a great deal right now.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


EcoQuest Business Owner Testimony

To Allen Brasington success comes as a result of always thinking about his customers and constantly creating added value. He operates his business using the principle that Proper Preparation Produces Phenomenal Performance, and his execution of that principle is constantly evident in his results.

Allen and Rita Brasington won the Big Pig Award at this year’s International Convention, in Columbus for outstanding sales. Having owned an insurance agency and achieving top sales honors in that industry as well, Brasington shares with us how to put the 5 P’s to work for you too.

Generally speaking, once an EcoQuest Business Owner finds something that works in the selling process they turn it into standard operating procedure. “Why reinvent the wheel? If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” And truly, it is very important to create and follow a nice, simple, focused message. Still, we will learn from Allen Brasington why in order to excel, there are times when Business Owners need to shake things up and refresh their perspective.

Proper Preparation

“Know Thyself” - Socrates’ guiding rule has a distinct significance in EcoQuest. Business Owners often grapple with how to do this business since there are so many ways and tremendous opportunities. Allen advises, “It’s important to align yourself. Of course you know your background; but also be sure to understand your strengths and follow your goals.”

“I worked with an electrical wholesale supply house and that lead me down the path of pursuing commercial accounts. However, even with this knowledge, the learning curve is continuous,” Brasington comments. “My willingness to prepare properly is paying big dividends today. I haven’t had to make a cold call in over a year; I know that the work I do today will produce results a few months down the road.”

Study, Study, Study - Whether residential or commercial, you must know your audience. Find ways to uncover your prospects’ real needs and focus on solving those problems. “Know your customers’ true hot buttons. In the case of my commercial customers, I always address ways to increase their profits,” Allen shares. “During this discovery stage look to find the needs, nature and personality of your prospect and any other insights before your presentation.”

He explains, “I am constantly studying. I want to know my customers’ potential challenges and opportunities as well or better than them. We build our presentations based on their feedback, and they recognize it.”

Pursue the Service - In talking with Allen you also realize his heart is in the right place. One of his mantras is “Pursue the service, not the sale.” He expands, “If you’re strictly pursuing the sale, your focus is not right. I know if my heart is in helping them, the results will follow. It is very gratifying to hear from our customers how much our service means to them. The product is important, but what sets us apart to them is the way we do business.”

Today, Allen and his wife Rita are living the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. “When people see how we live, it looks like a fairy tale. Our bonus car is our mobile office, we homeschool our kids, travel when and how we want to…what they don’t see is the work it took to get here,” Brasington says. “Knowing what to do is simple – having the willingness to do it may not be so easy. But as we all know, everything worth having is worth working for.”

Monday, December 10, 2007


Inspiring EcoQuest Business Testimony

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who loves their EcoQuest business more than Allan Anderson. But perhaps what he treasures most about his business is what it has allowed him to be during tough times.

Life can spring some big surprises on us. Imagine waking up one morning and your youngest daughter telling you she can’t see. Well, that is precisely what Allan and Lydia Anderson‘s daughter told them one fateful morning in 2005. “It was very frightening for her and for us because we didn’t understand what was happening,” Allan explains. “It took some time but we finally learned she had a rare disease that affected her optical nerves.”

Jessica has regained most of her vision now, but it was through a slow rehabilitative process. “We had to make adjustments, but with the beauty of residual income from our EcoQuest business, I got to be her daddy full time during this period,” Allan expresses. When asked how she is doing today, he shares that she is back at college and that “she toughened up with this curve ball.”

Back in the Saddle

With a new appreciation for his business and a renewed sense of purpose, Allan answered the call to action when EcoQuest posted the Top 100 Business Owners on target for the Pinnacle incentive. “I was pleased and embarrassed at the same time when I noted that we were #70. For the following weeks I did some of my best goal setting ever. I worked my business decidedly and with added fervor and before long, we were in the top 20.” Allan adds, “I hope this doesn’t sound boastful, but I have to say that I was proud of me – I set out to do it, worked hard and got there.”

Certain Habits

“I feel certain that my morning ritual and other habits I have adopted over the years help to keep me on track and maximize my chances for success everyday,” Allan explains.

His morning ritual consists of:

Being Grateful – He emphatically says the first thing he does every morning is simply be grateful for everything he has – his wife, kids, grandkids, pets, EcoQuest, friends, etc.
Exercise – Allan walks with his faithful dog, “Rocky” around 3 miles everyday.

Reading – He reads an average of a book per week.

Starts Work Early – Allan takes about 30 minutes to plan and organize himself and he makes “a conscious choice to make it a good day everyday,” he says.

“EcoQuest is my business; it’s part of who I am now. I don’t really see it as work. I’m self-motivated because it enables me to be all the things that are important to me – a better dad, a better husband, and a better friend,” Allan says proudly.

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