Monday, May 28, 2007


News From EcoQuest Blog

Check out our new Blogs on, EcoQuest’s official Blog site. Mitchell Tolle's talk from the May SI is on there now. Check out Tampa affiliate Fox 13's news report of EcoQuest’s own LaundryPure. Plus, there is a great training call by RJ Buchanan on selling Fresh Air.

You can also read Blogs from Mike Jackson and other home office and field leaders. Post your own comments and see what other business owners have to say. Blogs and Podcasts are added often, so hop on to

Monday, May 21, 2007


EcoQuest Tech Support Phone Changes

EcoQuest International has made some routing changes to our help line phone system. The next time you call in for Tech Support or Troubleshooting, be sure to listen to our menu, as those options have changed. For Tech Support/Troubleshooting, you’ll now choose option #5. Once you’ve chosen option #5, you’ll then choose #1 to obtain an RMA (repair) number or #2 if you’d like to speak to a Technical Support representative.

All other Call Center options will remain the same. This change will allow EcoQuest to serve you more effectively and efficiently and get any problems you might have with your EcoQuest Fresh Air purifiers or other models fixed pronto.

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Check out new Blogs on, EcoQuest’s official Blog site. May’s EcoQuest "In Focus" is currently posted as a Podcast. There is a great training call by RJ Buchanan on selling Fresh Air.

Read Blogs from Mike Jackson and other home office and field leaders. Post your own comments and see what other business owners have to say. Listen to a series of Podcasts by American Artist Mitchell Tolle as he shares a powerful message on the limitless power of a dream. Blogs and Podcasts are added often, so log on to

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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Discontinued EcoQuest Air Products

A List of Discontinued Air Products:

US50300BPTY Classic - Putty

US50040BGRY Eagle 5000 - Gray

CA50103bWOD EPI Plus

US50501 Fanfaire

US40167 Fresh Air Buddy Battery Charger

US70070 Lint Screen Electrostatic
(Full Back Size ) 6 9/16in. x 17 5/8in. x 1/4in.-250/C250

US70090 Lint Screen Electrostatic
(Full Back Size ) 6 9/16in. x 10 9/16in. x 1/4in.-150/C150

US50504 Safehearth


EcoQuest Dealer Success Story

Read the success story below about a dealer selling Ecoquest Air Purification Systems

Momentum is a wondrous thing. It sets the tone and generates excitement for any venture. Noralyn Galutera of San Marcos, California, is still sailing on the momentum of her first month as an EcoQuest Business Owner.

"As soon as you get into the business, your first month is the most important," Noralyn says. "If you are going to sign up today and not sell for the first month, what good is that? Get your momentum going early for your benefit and to inspire others. My husband and I sold nine units and signed up seven people in our first month. I say, 'come on! You can do it too!'"

With that kind of momentum, it took the Galuteras only three months to become Sales Managers and qualify for the bonus car. And Noralyn had a lot of extra time to play basketball with her 14-year-old son and tend to her 4-year-old daughter.

"We started at the end of August 2006," she says. "We're lucky because we have some very good folks in our upline who have given us technique--Lea and Leonard Sy, for example" also of California.

"We introduced the business to our friends, family, everyone--one on one and in groups. Leo did most of our demos. He had the Living Proof box to show people that the product really works. We did our own demo too during those months before we became Sales Manager. Most of the time [our prospects] signed up."

The Galuteras themselves signed up when Leo offered the opportunity to Noralyn's godmother.

"My godmother called me and said she wanted to show me the product. We signed up on the same day. I got my first downline (my godmother) on the first day I got my Success Pack."

Belief in the product and the testimony of satisfied customers are hallmarks of the Galuteras' business.

"This is what we teach our downline," Noralyn says. "You have to give value to the products first. Think of the benefits, how they help us a lot--make our lives easier. No more stress because of the stinky food we've been cooking in the house. When we have colds, we put the unit in our rooms. We just tell people how it is going to help them."

The Galuteras also have a unique component to their Power Point presentation.

"Along with just telling them about the Fresh Air and its modes, we also scanned our first big check to include in the Power Point presentation. We are so proud of it. At first my husband didn't believe about the bonuses. He said after three months if we didn't get a big check, he was quitting. Then, when he saw the bonus check, he was even more excited. He tells people during the presentations, 'here's the check!' It took my husband 18 years in the Navy to get the bonus check we got in just three months with EcoQuest."

And just how did they get that big check?

"In the beginning, I called people I knew and told them I had something to show them. After all our initial sales, we're not even done with our warm market. I still have a lot of friends and relatives. I tell them I want to share an excellent product with them."

Next step--help the downline.

"When your downline is successful, you are going to be successful," says Noralyn. "Call them and let them know that you care. Let them know that you know what is going on with their business. Help your downline. Forget about the units for a while, they are going to sell. Call your downline."

Lay the groundwork. Create your downline. Keep them motivated. Help them work for you. These are the simple rules of success used by the Galutera family.

"My dad was a businessman in the Philippines," she says. "When I was seven, I wasselling food, cosmetics, and clothes house to house. I had an early start in sales. What helps us to be successful now is that this is a partnership between my husband and me. We talk a lot about the business as we travel. I do the business approach. He does the product approach. I'm trying to help people who need extra money. I ask the Lord to help me be an instrument to help people. And I feel like my dad is with me in this."

Maybe this isn't your first month in the business, but you can pretend that it is. Pull out that warm market list of family and friends and share this exciting business opportunity. Remind your prospects of the easy payment plan. Keep your aim on recruiting a downline, and when you've done so, help them be successful. Their success is your success.

Here's to your month of nine units sold and seven new recruits. Come on! You can do it too!


EcoQuest International Convention Coming In August

EcoQuest early bird registration price for their annual convention has passed, but anyone can still get a great price on registration for this year's event! Just $249 will get you your registration, tickets into all tradeshows and breakouts, give-aways, scheduled meals, and more. With nearly 3,000 spots already spoken for, this is going to be the event that blows the door wide open on countless businesses in 2007/2008.

Will yours be one of them?

Spread the word, and come discover your best in Columbus. Register now at

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