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Discount EcoQuest Air Purifiers On eBay

By now you must know what a great job EcoQuest air purifier do to clean up the polluted air in your home, but do you know that you can get the Fresh Air by EcoQuest, the Living Air Classic, the Flair, Laundry Pure and tons of other EcoQuest air purifiers and products on eBay?

That's correct, and you can get those EcoQuest products at a great discount off of retail price.

Let's have a look at the EcoQuest products that are for sale on eBay right now:

Ozone Plates
UV Lamps
The Fresh Air by EcoQuest Version 2.1
A Fan motor for an old Alpine air purifier
EcoHelp Living air HEPA type filter
A Living water II
A Fresh Air Spectrum
A Fresh Air To Go
Breeze AT air purifier
And so much more

Don't pass up this chance to get all of your favorite products and air purification systems from EcoQuest at bargain auctions on eBay.

You will save tons of money!


EcoQuest International Convention - Get A Head Start

Get A Head Start After The EcoQuest Convention

Every year the EcoQuest big convention comes and goes and many get growing. But, some never cash in on what could have been. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can be like Tom Lozano, who one year came to the convention with zero Sales Managers on his team. Frustrated and ready for a change, the Lozano family returned twelve months later with 10, count them 10, Sales Managers front line. WOW!

Pre-planning will help insure your convention $uccess
• Attend the whole convention. Be a sponge (bring home as many pieces of the puzzle as you can – be front and center at 9a.m. - Thursday, August 9th as the event begins with incredible breakouts.)

• Be a success spy. Talk to people that have lots of ribbons on their name badge. Don’t tell them what you think…No, instead ask them smart questions. Take notes.

• Be on purpose at the convention. Arrive with objectives. What do you want to go home with? The secret to recruiting success? How to move more Fresh Air units in the coming year?

Your Columbus Objectives
Learn - * Prospecting * How To Close Sales * The Technology

Enjoy - * Friends * Making New friends * The Program

Challenge - *Myself to reach new goals *My group to stretch

Action steps
1) Attend breakouts Thursday and Saturday
2) Attend general sessions to get the main scoop
3) Dive into the Expo/Tradeshow
4) Have a plan for my biz when I get home. *a.k.a. Head Start!
5) Decide in advance to stay away from folks with ‘Stinking Thinking.’ The ‘I cant’s, Excuses-it’s-Explain-it’s…’

Heed This Warning!
EcoQuest undercover informants confirmed that at least one recruiter from the ‘Fad Team’ will be out to get to some people in Columbus. They are trying to enroll anyone they can in the ‘Stinking Thinking’ group. Avoid them like the plague. The price you’ll pay is severe if you get on that slippery slope. They’ll use words and phrases that sound sensible and reasonable on the surface. It’s best to let them know they should adjust their attitude or stay away. The Ancient proverb is true - “Guard your heart…”

Plan for after the show and get a “Head Start”
now, so you can bring home the bacon.

A) Schedule a meeting in your home on Monday, August 13th. 60 to 75 min. of Convention review/appointments/training.

B) Schedule a conference call on the same evening for 20 min.

C) Encourage your leaders to do A & B.

D) Make a short list of 5-10 members of your group that really ought to go to Columbus. Enthusiastically invite one or more teams – again if you already have. Remind them it will be FUN, TAX DEDUCTABLE, AND A MINI VACATION FROM THE RATRACE.

E) Finally, build a Convention follow-up meeting & conference call list. This is a list of all you wished went to Columbus and got the EQ FEVER. These are the local and global people that could be great for the biz if they could grasp what it’s about.

Now, two days before you leave for Columbus, get the word out by email and phone that on Monday evening, the 13th of August, you’re going to share the Convention highlights -
New Products/offers/incentives and how they could:

• Pay off their credit cards in 3 to 6 months.

• Pay off their house in 3 to 5 years.

• Fire their boss by January 08.

• Build a retirement income over the next 24 months.

• Put children and grandchildren through college w/o touching their own retirement nest egg.

Initiative is key. Find an upline, sideline, downline to partner with, hold each other accountable to do the smart work. While some are trying real hard to “understand” everything, others are adding tricks & mortar to create a great future.

Work smart and be UNSTOPPABLE!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Pre-Launch Offer On New EcoQuest Products

Don’t go home empty handed from the EcoQuest Columbus convention. In a few short weeks the EcoQuest family gathers together in Columbus, Ohio for what will be the largest gathering in our storied two decade history.

New Products Announced - Avoid the wait by pre-ordering! EcoQuest has prepared what they are calling an “ATP” (Advanced Technology Packs) and an “ATC” (Advanced Technology CLIP).
The Advanced Technology options include the newest technology products. We have priced these pre-sale packs to give you a great price break and bonus PV and QV. This offer is for U.S. only.

Advanced Technology Pack
Includes: 1 portable, economical home unit, 1 powerful single-room unit, and 2 “plug-in” style units.

Item# US40588b
Retail Value: $746

* Difference between Level 1 price and your price level will be added to your bonus check.

Advanced Technology CLIP3
Includes 3 of the new portable, economical home unit sure to transform your business.

Item# US40589b
Retail Value: $1,047

* Difference between Level 1 price and your price level will be added to your bonus check.

Order before July 31 to help ensure you have your products reserved for convention pickup. EcoQuest will have a UPS store set up on-site for your convenience.

You will have the option to choose to “pick up in Columbus” or “drop ship after convention” at the time of your order. If you are not coming to convention, choose the drop ship option – but understand that your product may not ship immediately after the event on August 13. It could take up to two weeks or more depending on on-site demand at the convention.

To increase the possibility of getting your product as early as possible, and save on shipping, register for the convention and choose the “pick up in Columbus” option when you check out.

Please note, to ensure proper shipping on your order, you will only be allowed to order ATCs and ATPs by themselves on a single order. For example, you could not order an ATC and a Fresh Air on the same order. You would have to place a separate order for each. You can order as many ATCs and ATPs at one time that you would like, and you can order as often as you would like before July 31.

EcoQuest International may not be able to fill orders right after the event. They are confident they will not be able to immediately start shipping these exciting new products after the convention. There is a possibility we will run out of product at the show. We will have a large inventory on site, but we expect that inventory to go quickly based on a tremendous response to these announcements.

There could be some time between the convention and open order for these products. As with Harley Davidson or the iPhone, the demand will be greater than the supply for a little awhile. This is why we are giving our convention attendees a head start. You can use the ATPs and ATCs to build recruiting and excitement before open ordering.

Over 15 years ago Mike Jackson was in your spot, Says Mike Jackson “In 1989 I sat in a meeting in Minnesota where my company announced a new technology in water. We were allowed to pre-order product but could not get actual product for a few weeks. In this case it took them over six months to actually get caught up. Many people decided to wait until the products were on open order. I did not. I actually took a huge step of faith and order 105 units at a cost of about $400 each.

This was a scary time for Nata and I but WOW, did I catapult my career. I used my head start to build a company that outsold everyone in the world by many fold. In fact, it was this success that led me to EcoQuest. I am not suggesting anyone order a 105 ATPs sight unseen. But, I give you my word that the products we are rolling out are going to be big. They’ll give us an edge like our early days - a company in a market with virtually zero real competition. This could be the product that provides a breakthrough in your business success.

EcoQuest doesn't really don’t know how much product people will plan to order, but we know it will be allot. That is why we decided to do this pre-launch so they could at least fill all the pre-orders and then get down to regular business.”

New Product Orders Will Be Filled In The Following Order

#1 – Teams who have pre-ordered ATCs and ATPs will be given priority status at the 2007 Convention in Columbus. These orders could potentially max out inventory, so order early!

#2 – On-site convention attendees who did not purchase an ATC or ATP will be offered the opportunity to purchase new products on site, based on availability. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE PRODUCT AVAILABILITY. We recommend purchasing at least one ATP to share with your teams after the event if you are coming to Columbus.

#3 – Teams who purchased ATPs and ATCs but did not come to the event in Columbus will have their orders drop-shipped based on availability and order date after August 13.

#4 – Open ordering may start on August 13. It may be postponed based on demand and availability. When open ordering begins, orders will be shipped in the order they are received.

This is not false urgency!

At past conventions we have fulfilled all pre-orders and sold out on-site within the first couple hours the doors opened for ordering. EcoQuest doesn't want you to leave empty handed. They plan to have enough packs to accommodate their ambitious forecasts, but your response could still overwhelm them! Your best chance to get the new products is to pre-order before July 31, and join us in Columbus for the biggest event ever in EcoQuest International history!


New and Improved EcoQuest Email System

EcoQuest Dealers:

If you’ve been following the company Blog, you know that EcoQuest has been planning to launch a new email communication system. Whether you follow the Blog or not, you’ve probably noticed that the old system just wasn’t up to par. Emails arrived late. Sometimes not at all. We were on many "blacklists" because of bad addresses. Etc.

EcoQuest International is happy to announce that their new emailer is up and running. It offers some great features that ensure timely delivery. You’ll also be given the option to customize which types of emails you’d like to receive in the near future. How’s that for simplifying your business?

Due to major issues with the old system, we had to launch a little earlier than we had planned. As with any new system, there are a few kinks to work out, but everything is on track. Please bear with the company as they continue to improve.

Saturday, July 07, 2007 EcoQuest International is the home website of EcoQuest International, as if you didn't already know that. You probably also know that EcoQuest manufactures and markets one of the top selling brands of air purifiers in the world. The names of these air purification units are the Fresh Air, Living Air Classic, Breeze AT, Flair, Fresh Air Spectrum and others.

Okay, so you know that. What you may not know is that you can always get EcoQuest Air purifiers on eBay for a lot less than you can from an EcoQuest dealer. And when I say a lot less, that's what I mean.

Check it out...

EcoQuest air purifiers such as the Fresh Air sells for $749 from a Dealer, but if you go over to eBay you can find them all the time for around $350 or even sometimes less. So, what is up with that?

EcoQuest makes a great air purifier, but they market it through an MLM business that sometimes encourages people to buy more product than they can really sell. So, when these over ambitious dealers figure out how hard it is to sell a garage full of air purifiers at a high price tag of $749, they quit the business and sell them on eBay.

Make sense?

Sure it does, and you benefit.

So don't pay full retail for an EcoQuest purifier, head over to eBay and get one for half price.

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