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EcoQuest Fresh Air Buddy With Universal Fast Charger

Discover the healthy protection of a Fresh Air Buddy from EcoQuest with an easy to use rechargeable battery!

Give the gift of better health with the Fresh Air Buddy. With 13 peer-reviewed, published studies, you know the Fresh Air Buddy gets results, making the air in your personal breathing space healthier by knocking pollutants out of your way.

Now, the basic Fresh Air Buddy comes with a new rechargeable LFP123A battery, designed for the Buddy, that you can use time and time again with your included Universal Fast Charger (Single Buddies without charger are available for families with multiple Buddies, needing only one charger - see below). Please read the note below about approved batteries.

You can also get Buddies without chargers – perfect for a family who buys one Buddy/Charger combo and only needs the Buddy itself for the rest of the family. Individual Buddy units ship with a single rechargeable Lithium LFP123A battery only, so EcoQuest recommends they only be ordered as an add-on to a Buddy/Charger combo.

Note About Approved Batteries:
The old CR1234A rechargeable batteries shipped with the original charger are no longer approved for use in the Buddy. The new rechargeable battery (LFP123A) has been designed specifically for the power needs of the Fresh Air Buddy. EcoQuest will now only carry rechargeable Lithium LFP123A batteries.

If you purchased your Buddy Fast Charger with rechargeable CR123A batteries after October 1, 2006, you may qualify for a battery replacement. Call Customer Service at 800.989.2299 for details.

Although the non-rechargeable brand name CR123A battery you might have in your Buddy now works just fine, EcoQuest will no longer sell non-rechargeable batteries. Stocking up on non-rechargeable CR123A batteries, available at most retailers, can be inconvenient (not to mention expensive!)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


EcoQuest Success Story

EcoQuest International Story Of MLM Success

Monica Delgado turns heartbreak into success

Monica Delgado, Coordinating Sales Manager of Lansing, Michigan, was doing what a lot of her peers were raised to do.

“From the age of 16 years old, I have worked for someone else,” she says. “I earned a paycheck, went to college, got married, and had children. I learned this order from my parents as far back as I can remember. I settled into a job in Corporate America and into a routine that lasted for 22 years of my life. I served the public, answered questions both on the phone and in person. I did what I felt was the ‘right thing.’”

As she neared retirement, she discovered that her “401(k) was going to turn into a 201(k).” Since she already lived from paycheck to paycheck, this was not acceptable. Add to that a painful divorce—not supposed to be part of the “Plan of Life,” she says—she found herself looking for something better.

“I came across an ad for a network marketing company that said, ‘no experience necessary, we will train.’ Needless to say, this excited me into finding out more, and I submitted my information.”

After finding out that EcoQuest International offered a technology that could help her and so many others, she joined the company and was soon earning more working part time than she did working full time with her corporate job. Next, she focused on incentives.

“I earned a once-in-a-lifetime cruise to Alaska,” Monica says. “I literally cried because this has been a dream of mine since I was a very little girl.”

Five-and-a-half months before retirement, she started making plans to go, including asking for time off from her full-time job—just what any good employee would do. Her request was denied.

“I just sat there and cried,” she says. “This is what 22 years of service came down to. A trip, which took me a year to earn, was being pulled from me. Going to my employer, I pleaded my case and, again, was told no.”

Nothing left to do, Monica wrote EcoQuest to say she would not be able to take the cruise. Even though she doubted anyone would even read the email, she felt it was important to thank this company for its integrity and for its incredible incentive program.

“Within two hours from the time I hit the send button, I received an email back from Mike Jackson. He wrote, asking if he could help, asking if there was anything he could do.”
Once again, Monica was crying, but this time from happiness.

“I found myself thinking, ‘What a man! What a company!’ We emailed a few times back and forth that day. As a result, an overnight letter was sent to my employer, explaining in detail how this trip was earned and asking if my employer would allow me to go on this once-in-a-lifetime cruise to Alaska.”

Again, Monica’s JOB denied her request.

“As I wished all those on the cruise a bon voyage, I promised myself one thing: I would wait out those last remaining months and walk away from a place of unbelievable negativity to a place of not only financial freedom, but freedom to offer hope and the ability to dream again. Today, I am a trainer with EcoQuest, and as I share that same story on stage, I give back the same hope and the same ability to dream that I was given the first time I found this amazing company.”

Yes, Monica Delgado fired her boss and realized her full potential with EcoQuest International. Now she works so that others can leave behind the same restrictions and disappointments. She remains a tireless cheerleader for EcoQuest!

Following is an inspirational email sent to Monica’s team:

Manager Making Maniacs,

Have you ever had such a dream...that burned deep in your heart?

Do you have your Goals written out?

Who is ready to reach the finish line with me?Who is ready to put their “why" in front of them at all times?

Will you take action, and follow the plan without reservation, hesitation, and any other excuse that holds you back?

Raise your hand, and say ME![You know] my story. What is yours?Remember, it’s up to you. Will you make your dreams happen, or will you sit back and watch them pass you by?


Sunday, November 25, 2007


EcoQuest In The News

EcoQuest is Coming to a News Station Near You

This week, over 200 stations across the country will be featuring a 30-second “In The Know” segment on EcoQuest’s exclusive ActivePure technology, and how it can help reduce exposure to MRSA (antibiotic resistant Staph).

You can see the list of stations here.

Keep an eye out for ActivePure on a station near you, and check the ActivePure Web site, , for published University studies, information, and news coverage on EcoQuest and ActivePure.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


EcoQuest Leadership Perspectives

As a business owner and former President of his local Chamber of Commerce, Cadle McEachin was a professional networker long before entering the network marketing industry. Perhaps that explains the quick and initial success he and his wife Alicia experienced when they joined EcoQuest in 1995. “We didn’t know anything about multi-level marketing,” Alicia shares. But once they experienced the effectiveness their newly purchased EcoQuest unit had in getting rid of bacteria in an ostrich incubator, they contacted the person that sold them the machine and told them they wanted to do the business.

Their initial plan was not so much a “plan” as it was just eagerly sharing this remarkable technology with all the people they knew.Because of their community involvement, their warm market was ample – for a while. Their first months took them by surprise. They quickly achieved Fast Start Distributor and were making well over $10K within the first three months. They achieved the rank of Sales Manager and Sr. Sales Manager the same day (May 1, 1995). Thus, marking the first evidence of their main strength, their growth and success has always been the result of teaching others how to be successful.

Known as the “Sweet Onion Capital of the World,” Vidalia, Georgia is a small town with just over 4,500 families living there. They were well known in the town so they were able to share the technology, hold meetings, and teach others to do the same.

However, realizing that this strategy was not going to sustain long-term growth for them and for their Business Owners, Cadle pioneered and continued honing direct mail work-from-home ads. “I targeted areas within 100 to 200 miles and that translated to an average of 5 meetings per day,” Cadle says. Once again, momentum and their business was growing.

Adaptability Skills
As with all industries, the McEachin's business was experiencing a change in market trends. Accustomed to adapting to changing trends, the McEachins made it a priority once again to seek new, more effective ways to provide growth opportunities for their Business Owners.

Cadle familiarized himself with an Internet-based system and truly kicked it into overdrive. The results have been outstanding, even surpassing their previous successes. “It’s important to move from coping with change to harnessing it to create even greater opportunities for your Dealers,” Cadle stresses. He has taken a strong system, worked on it, tweaked it and transformed it to a superb, well-oiled machine. As a result, many of their Business Owners, seasoned as well as new, are experiencing success like never before.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


EcoQuest $99 Spectrum Now An Inventory Closeout For Dealers

The response to the EcoQuest $99 Spectrum special was outstanding. However, even with a great response, EcoQuest has had to make a hard decision based on real sales numbers. EcoQuest has talked about simplifying their product line, and they are at one of those moments.

Sales on the PHX as the obvious choice for a single-room purifier show that it no longer makes sense to carry both the Spectrum and the PHX in the EcoQuest air purifier line. So, the Spectrum will be discontinued when they run out. No new Spectrums will be built.

The good news for you is that if you like the Spectrum, EcoQuest still has plenty in inventory for you to stock up on. EcoQuest just wanted to give you a heads up.

The even better news is that the PHX uses the same technology as the Spectrum, but also includes a built-in fan and mounts conveniently to the wall, out of the way. Your response to the PHX has been great.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


EcoQuest News – ActivePure On Over 200 Stations

With the recent nationwide outbreak of MRSA Staph, EcoQuest’s University testing showing ActivePure’s effectiveness in exterminating MRSA on surfaces* is a big story.

Next week, over 200 stations across the country will be featuring a 30-second “In The Know” segment on EcoQuest’s exclusive ActivePure technology, and how it can help reduce exposure to MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph).

You can see the list of stations here:
Keep an eye out for ActivePure on a station near you, and check the ActivePure Web site,, for published University studies, information, and news coverage on EcoQuest and ActivePure.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Get An EcoQuest Fresh Air Purifier

Want An EcoQuest Fresh Air Purifier?

The EcoQuest Fresh Air Purifier is a top of the line air purification system that will clean the air in your home, your office or your place of business and it works on an area up to 3,000 square feet.

Now, there is a fine distinction here in what these systems are. Always remember, they are air purifiers not air filters.

The big difference is how the two actually work. An air filter has to have the air in your house pass through it, not so with an air purifier, they clean the air where it's at in your home.

That's why the Fresh Air by EcoQuest stands above the rest. If you want the air in your home clean and fresh smelling, then an air purifier from EcoQuest International is the ticket!


EcoQuest Officially Responds To Consumer Reports Evaluation

Greeneville, TN – With EcoQuest’s mention in the December 2007 issue of Consumer Reports, some questions have been raised. This document is intended to address the content of the report, as well as provide access to additional relevant information.

It should first be noted that Consumer Reports did not speak to EcoQuest for comment, or to confirm the context or accuracy of their conclusions. Had they done so, they would have gained an understanding of our multiple technology strategies like ionization, the use and purpose of ozone and the “Away Mode,” and ActivePure (RCI) technology.

Independent University testing conducted over many years proved our ActivePure strategies vastly improved the indoor environment.

ActivePure (RCI) technology for killing germs, mold, and microbiologicals:In peer-reviewed, published Kansas State University studies, our ActivePure (RCI) process reduced up to 99.9 % of bacteria, viruses, molds, and yeast on surfaces.

ActivePure Ionization technology for smoke and particulate removal:In studies at the University of Cincinnati, ActivePure ionization technology demonstrated an ability to drop particles from the air, out of the breathing space, as much as 100 times faster than natural gravity.

We cannot comment on the results of the Consumer Reports testing. We do not know the size of their test chamber, or their testing procedures. We do not know if the appropriate settings were used, or the size and condition of the environment. We do know we were tested against a paper filter, which is not an accurate comparison of technologies.

Ozone at trace, safe, natural levels for reducing odors:The Consumer Reports article did focus disproportionately on ozone with regard to EcoQuest’s technology. While ozone is in use, it is a small part of our overall strategy. The purpose of ozone is for natural odor removal. The effectiveness of ozone for this purpose is well documented, and has been validated in Federal court. In some operational modes, safe, natural levels of ozone are created by our technology for this purpose. This strategy is designed to operate in a real world environment. Our “Away Mode,” designed to raise ozone levels higher when no one is present, provides even greater odor reduction. Ozone at less than 50 ppb is considered safe and normal the world over. Fresh, natural outdoor levels generally fall within that range.

ActivePure (RCI) and “Certified Space Technology”:Our ActivePure (RCI) technology is “Certified Space” technology based on research conducted by NASA. Their research focused on prolonging the life of plants in space by scrubbing the air of environmental contaminants using photo catalytic ionization – the application of UV light to Titanium Dioxide, which is the process we developed and advanced upon.

We received our “Certified Space Technology” certification from the NASA-affiliated Space Foundation. This is the same certification granted to Silhouette eyewear and the Tempurpedic mattresses.

To quote Kevin Cook from the Space Foundation:“The Space Foundation, in cooperation with our friends at NASA, conducts the Space Certification to promote the extraordinary products and services that bring the benefits of space technology home to Earth, and improve the quality of our lives” said Cook. “By successfully applying space-based technology to improve our lives on Earth, EcoQuest has joined an exclusive group of certified companies.”

We are proud of the distinction. EcoQuest has never claimed our products are in use on the International Space Station or on shuttle missions.

Responding to Consumer ReportsWe trust that the misleading information in the article was a mistake. We believe that after reviewing our peer-reviewed, published papers, as well as a more thorough researching and understanding of our multiple strategies and “Certified Space Technology” certification, they will clarify the content of their article. We will work with Consumer Reports to have a correction made to the information as it was stated in the article.

About the science of ActivePure technology:

We have serious reservations relating to the ability of “any organization” to competently test and substantiate the science or effectiveness of a product within the proper scope of “industry standards”, even when they objectively strive to deliver good unbiased results, as Consumer Reports Magazine has always held as their standard. This is why we have invested millions of dollars, spent years of testing and commissioned the most reliable, competent Universities to conduct the testing of our products and the claims that we make. Peer- reviewed documentation and double-blind studies are the only “scientifically substantiated” documentation accepted “world-wide."

Dr. James MarsdenDistinguished Professor - Animal Sciences and Industry Kansas State UniversityNote: Dr. Marsden has been a consultant to the USDA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the United States Congress regarding biological issues in agriculture and industry. He has frequently appeared as an expert on major news programs due to his extensive background and credentials.“For the past several years, researchers at Kansas State University have evaluated the technologies utilized by EcoQuest. In all cases, the units have virtually eliminated harmful bacteria, molds and viruses from environmental surfaces. Our findings will be published in the December 2007 issue of the Journal of Rapid Methods and Automation in Microbiology.The technologies utilized by EcoQuest are not comparable to filtration technologies or plain UV lamps.” Dr. Sergey GrinsphunProfessor - Environmental HealthUniversity of CincinnatiNote: Dr. Grinshpun is an internationally-recognized scientist who has authored around 430 scientific publications, including over 140 original articles in peer-reviewed journals.“I have tested air filtration and air purification technologies for many years, including – recently – the EcoQuest’s Fresh Air technology. The results of the laboratory study conducted by the University of Cincinnati team were summarized in a paper published in Environmental Science and Technology, the most respected journal in the field.

As a part of a peer-reviewed process, I had to answer many pages of questions before it was accepted for publication. Of course, I stand by the study’s findings and am convinced that this technology allows for significantly reducing the concentration of aerosol contaminants in indoor air.” Mike JacksonPresident and CEO – EcoQuest International“As the President and CEO of EcoQuest, one of my biggest desires is to provide products that improve the quality of life and home environments. Fresh Air with ActivePure accomplishes this goal. I use and enjoy Fresh Air throughout my home and office and am 100% sure the units work better than paper filters for combating smoke, and germs, mold and other contaminants. When people try our products with a risk-free trial, they buy them because they work.”

Allen JohnstonChief Technology Officer –EcoQuest International“EcoQuest has spent millions of dollars and countless man hours developing and testing ActivePure technology. ActivePure technology is an active technology. That is to say it works actively in the environment. Contrast that against paper filters, which are passive technology. Paper filters work great in areas within a few feet of the machine, but only impact the air that passes through the machine.

The testing conducted by Consumers Reports did not address the air or surfaces across the room or a few rooms away.

Further, the results of testing ozone levels and ActivePure technology in an empty room will be out of context. If our Fresh Air by EcoQuest is used on normal mode in a room with furniture, people, animals, etc., the ozone levels will register well below normal, safe, outdoor fresh air. Fresh Air is not a paper filter and must be tested differently. I will be happy to supply Consumer’s Union with a methodology to do so if requested, as our products have been tested repeatedly in independent, published studies.”Dr. Allan Somersall Physician and Author“I have installed two DuctwoRx units, one Fresh Air and one ecobox in my home. As a doctor, father and grandfather, I am convinced the science and effectiveness of these units makes my home healthier and safer.”Kevin CookDirector of Space Technology Awareness – The Space Foundation“The Space Foundation, in cooperation with NASA, established the Space Certification Program to recognize innovators who transform technology originally developed for space use into commercial products. EcoQuest has been awarded use of the Certified Space Technology seal because they have effectively applied space based technology to address the real and growing concern of indoor pollution, and improved the quality of life for people here on Earth.”

We cannot be put in a box! Fresh Air with ActivePure is not a conventional paper filter.
Just as Consumer Reports recognized this fact, and separated our “Certified Space” technology as different in their article. We are different!

When Consumer Reports put a Fresh Air in a bare room and tested for ozone build-up we could have saved them the trouble. Of course you will have ozone build up because there is nothing for the ActivePure technology to interact with and clean. We agree that high ozone levels are not good. On the normal setting, in a normal home, Fresh Air will generate much less ozone than internationally accepted standards for fresh outdoor air. It is a fact that a small amount of ozone is actually needed outdoors to help oxidize pollution. Trace levels are a natural component of fresh air. It should be noted that Consumer Reports stated that they tested our system for germ killing ability, and Fresh Air did in fact kill the germs and bacteria in the air in their testing.

Our valued customers already know that Fresh Air and ActivePure (RCI) technology kills germs, bacteria and mold on surfaces - and we have peer reviewed internationally published studies to show this. We are not aware of any paper filters that can make this claim. Besides, you can’t put a countertop through a paper filter!

For more on ActivePure, Certified Space technology, and peer-reviewed, published testing go to

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