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The name Vollara is the new name given to the company that was once known as EcoQuest International. The company formerly based in Greeneville Tennessee is well known for selling an advanced line of air purifiers, supplements, vitamins and other environmental technology healthy living products.

The name Vollara is a verb from the Latin and means, "to fly". I can't say that I've ever heard of the name before, or whether it's just a derivation from whatever Latin word it comes from.

The company will manufacture many different kinds of air purifiers that will clean the air in your home and office. It will also sell a line of supplements and vitamins and energy drink from Muscadine grapes.

This new restructuring from EcoQuest International to Vollara is being billed as a "ground floor opportunity" which is a bit misleading since EcoQuest has been around for at least 10 years and for 10 years before that it was known as Alpine Industries. And all the while they basically sold the same air purifiers and some kind of supplements. While the air purifiers made by the company have evolved over the years to be more advanced, they still work the same basic way they did when Bill Converse invented this technology more than 20 years ago.

While there's nothing new under the sun with Vollara, it may be a good thing for the company to be renamed since the EcoQuest bankruptcy was looming over that entity. The new things for the company are new management, new names for products, a few new supplements and a new location in Dallas Texas. Vollara is probably working on some new products so they can have something original for the new company.

Stay tuned for more interesting information coming from the new Vollara.


Vollara FreshAir Purifier

Since Vollara is now the new name of what was once EcoQuest International, the company has gone about renaming most products in the EcoQuest line. Top on the list is Vollara's bread and butter air purifier formerly known as Fresh Air by EcoQuest will now be renamed to FreshAir by Vollara or FreshAir Surround. Kind of confusing there, but that's what it says on the company website at Vollara.com.

So far it doesn't appear that the newly named top of the line air purifier has any significant changes except that it will be sporting the new company logo. As far as I can see, there also doesn't seem to be any new images of the Fresh Air Surround on the Vollara website. It all seems to be the same graphics taken from the old EcoQuest website.

You do have to wonder also if there are a lot of old Fresh Air purifiers in stock that either have to have their cases changed or if the logo on the air purification system can easily be changed. And let's also remember that there are probably several thousands of these purifiers own, but not yet sold by Vollara distributors.

Any way you look at it though this air purifier will create clean and fresh smelling air in your home jst the way it happens in nature. The technology in this machine is known as ActivePure Technology and it does all kinds of things to clean the air in your house. It gets rid of airborne contaminants, eliminates smoke and the odors from smoke, removes dust and dirt from your home and more. It leaves you home smelling like the air does after an afternoon thunderstorm. What could be better then that?

You will surely enjoy your air being cleaned by the new Vollara FreshAir purifier. All you have to do is look up an EcoQuest Dealer in your phone book or online (phone books will still list old EcoQuest dealers for about a year) or a new Vollara distributor by going to Vollara.com and looking around for the order button.

Monday, February 01, 2010


EcoQuest International Becomes Vollara

The former air purifier company known as EcoQuest International has now become Vollara. I'm not quite sure how the new owners of the company picked that name or what it means, but the fact is, is that EcoQuest as a company no longer exists, but their former products still do.

EcoQuest used to sell the Fresh Air by EcoQest and other air purification systems such as the Living Air Classic and more, but now they will have to completely rebrand themselves and that may come at a price for the new organization. The reason for this is because EcoQuest International has been widely known as one of the top air purifier companies in the world and is widely known for their name and all of their products.

The company has had the EcoQuest name for more than 10 years now and people are very familiar with their products and their brand. Another problem this new ccomapny will have to overcome is in their search engine and internet marketing efforts. What they probably didn't think of is that there are thousands upon thousands of links to all of their product pages and they appear very high in the search engines such as Google and Yahoo for terms that thousands of people search for every day.

All that will have to begin again, because not only have they changed the name of their company, they have changed the name of all their products as well. And since the new Vollara website has been completely redone, almost everything that is in the search engines for specific search terms such as Fresh Air will now soon simply go away. As of the time of this post. many search terms that show the website EcoQuestIntl.com being on the front page of Google, now just go to the main EcoQuest front page which now simply has a link to continue on to the new Vollara website.

Also, many of the satellite companies and websites EcoQuest had are now under one roof and incorporated into the Vollara brand. Some of those companies and websites are TryFreshAir.com (redirects to EcoQuestIntl.com and the to Vollara.com), their vitamin company that was once named Infinity Nutritionals and just recently became Heartland Select has now been incorporated into the Vollara brand.

This recent name change is also a big hurdle for many EcoQuest distributors who have their own websites and are running search marketing PPC campaigns since many of the sites they are sending traffic to from paid ads contain links that are no longer valid. In fact, I just checked an ad I saw come up for a top EcoQuest search term and the poor distributor has many links on his site and in his company shopping cart that now directly link to the main page of the new company website. So distributors that were getting sales directly from the internet are now put on hold because all their shopping carts and links no longer work.

Not only is this bad from the EcoQuest distributor, but customers looking for air purifiers, vitamins, skin care products and Muscadine grape energy drinks, will not be able to buy them right from the web for some amount of time (a quick check of their website and it appears that they no longer sell skin care products except for a product once called Invisible Gloves).

Here are some of the products that have been renamed from EcoQuest International products to Vollara products:

FreshAir Surround or FreshAir by Vollara - used to be Fresh Air by Ecoquest
ClassicAir - Formerly Living Air Classic
FreshAir Box - formerly ecoBox
FreshAir HEPA - Formerly Gemini
FreshAir Buddy - same name as old unit
LivingWater Essentials P3 - Formerly Living Water
FreshAir To Go - Same brand as before
LaundryPure - Same as before
FreshAir Everest - Same as before

Those are just the air purification and technology products. Now here are some of the supplements and vitamins from the Former Heartland Select:

Re:Sist - Formerly Immunitize
Re:Flex - Formerly InfiAid
Re:Spond - Formerly Insupport Formula
Re:Gain - Formerly InsurePlus
Re:Inforce - Formerly Life Force Super Antioxidant
Re:Lease - Formerly Lipo-Chromizyme
Re:Charge - Formerly Men's Formula
Re:Pel - Formerly My Invisible Gloves
Re:Cycle - Formerly Natural Potent C
Re:Balance - Formerly Total Flora Support
Re:Juvenate - Formerly Women's Formula
Re:Fresh - Formerly F3
Re:Coupe - Formerly B-Complete
Re:Claim - Formerly Chelated Mineral Complex
Re:Absorb - Formerly Digest-A-Meal
Re:Store - Formerly Essential Fatty Acids 3-6-9
Re:Fuel - Formerly Essentials For Life
Re:View - Formerly Eye Formula
Re:Build - Formerly Healthy Bones and Teeth
Re:Plenish - Formerly Heartland Select Juice
Re:Vitalize - Formerly ImmunePlus

After reading the names of some of these supplements I have to think, wow, who was the brainiac in charge of marketing and name selection here? Almost all of the names of these supplements at the end of the list had names that actually reflected what they are or what they did for your body, but with this new naming scheme, customers will have no idea what they're looking at from the name alone. Everything is Re: (insert idiotic name brand). What's up with the Re: brand EcoQuest, oh, I mean Vollara? All is have left to say is, completely dumb move with that one.

How will this help the former EcoQuest by renaming and rebranding themselves? Well, it may take away the stigma from the sad news that EcoQuest was going bankrupt and had to be bought out by Aerus Holdings out of Dallas or completely go under. It wasn't actually EcoQuest that was going broke, it was the company that owned them, which was in turn owned by former EcoQuest CEO Mike Jackson.

This may help the company and it may hurt them, only time will tell. They have a huge mountain to overcome and that is rebranding themselves and regaining their name familiarity. People who were once familiar with the EcoQuest line of air purifiers, no loner will be able to find many of their products sine the redesign of the website. How, in today's world of being marketed on the internet, do you go about changing the mindset of people that don't really know who you are, they just know you and your products by name?

Anyway, all the air purifier world can do is wait and see what happens with the new EcoQuest International, now known as Vollara, whatever Vollara means.

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