Friday, February 27, 2009


EcoQuest International Price Increase

EcoQuest International announces that on March 1, 2009, there will be a slight price increase to some of their air purification and technology-related products. They have kept these increases to a minimum, so they should not affect your business dramatically as a dealer.

Please note that price increases will affect these products and any packs/clips that contain them, with the exception of Success Packs. EcoQuest will release a complete list of affected products, with pricing, when it becomes available.

For more information visit the main EcoQuest website at

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


EcoQuest Dealers Sell Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers a way of life for EcoQuest Internation Dealers:

Face-to-face meetings aren't a new strategy for Ken and Mary Dockery, Master Managers from Spring Branch, Texas. In fact, they built their business on them. Maybe that's why the Dockerys couldn't resist being some of the first Business Owners to participate in Mike Jackson's meeting challenge. Earlier this month, Mike challenged Business Owners to schedule 100 public meetings in February.

Their first public meeting since the challenge, held in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, was intended to help new Business Owner Dan Gaskin get his business off the ground. And did he ever! Dan and his new recruits, Dwayne and Amanda Roberts, enticed 25 people to their meeting with a new and interesting technique. They handed out Free Energy for a Year coupons with their invitations.
"In order to activate their coupons, they had to go to the meeting and listen to the presentation," says Ken. "I thought it was innovative and creative - and it worked!"

Dan and the Roberts also raised interest in their meeting by focusing on a community problem - skunks. "Everybody in their neighborhood was 'skunk conscious' because skunks had been getting under houses and spraying," says Ken. "That's actually how Dwayne and Amanda got into the business. They go to church with Dan, and they were talking about skunks getting under the house. Dan's wife told them that Dan had something that could help. Dan put the unit in, and it totally eliminated the odor. So they got excited."

Flyers announced the meeting with a double-header agenda - an answer to the skunk issue and a chance for free energy for a year.

"Eight units were sold," Ken says. "Two Business Owners signed on - one is an electrician who is very excited about the PowerwoRx, and the other is the Animal Control guy who tells people how to get rid of their skunks!"

Not only that, but Dwayne and Amanda will be picking up a Master Pack. This meeting truly met people where they live, says Ken. "Identify a problem and offer a solution. Then people will listen to you. As we've always believed, if you want to build this business you have to go far enough into the lives of others to bring them back out with you."

Ken and Mary now are planning more meetings. "We've done one meeting. We've got two more scheduled. We'll have at least one a month, and probably two a month. We built our business on meetings, but we got away from it a couple of years ago. We use every available strategy. Frankly that's what has allowed us to stay alive and sustain our business."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


EcoQuest Dealers Selling Air Purifiers

EcoQuest Air Purifiers

John Ellsworth was feeling trapped in his job. After 17 years as a branch manager at a manufacturing company, hostile management took over. He was in his fifties and knew he was "on the way out the door. I was an overpaid, over-aged executive," John says.
"I was miserable," he says. "I made the decision that I had to leave my job. I had no control over my life. I couldn't handle it anymore." That's when he met Kellie Alderton, who introduced him to the EcoQuest Opportunity.

John and his wife, Marcy, were living in Medina, Ohio, at the time. John continued to work full time while he pursued his home business on a part-time basis. It wasn't easy those first six months, and John wondered if the Opportunity was right for him.

"I thought I knew how to communicate with people and knew how to operate and run a business until I got my own business," John says. John and Marcy had both fallen in love with the products, so that wasn't the problem.

In spite of a love for the technology and highly inspirational trips to Success Institutes in Greeneville, the Ellsworths' home business was not getting off the ground. After six months - in spite of Kellie's encouragement not to give up or get discouraged - John did some soul searching.
"That's when I realized that it's not just what you do, but what you inspire others to do," says John. "It took me a while to learn how to work with people and inspire them. A light bulb went on."

John credits his turnaround to personal development. "I didn't put much emphasis on personal development in the beginning," John says. "I learned that you simply cannot inspire people beyond where you are. If you are low, you will have a tough time finding people who want to work with you."

One of John's favorite authors is John Maxwell, who teaches the Law of the Lid - the principle that leadership ability is the lid that determines a person's level of effectiveness. At that six-month point, John changed himself, his thought patterns, and his processes, he says. After listening to a Scott Frenzel workshop on goal setting, John and Marcy set their goals for the next five years.

"I was listening to Scott's workshop and all of a sudden, my whole life changed," says John. "I wrote my goals. I had a clear vision. I knew what I had to do."

And things started changing as John began to build himself back up with personal development techniques. "My business really took off. But more importantly, I learned that I never had any confidence in myself. I regained my confidence in my mid-fifties and finally learned to accept myself. What I learned through this process with EcoQuest is something I would never give up. This is more than a business."

One of the goals in the Ellsworths' five-year plan was to choose a place to live and set up for their retirement. Because of EcoQuest, they were able to complete that goal. "In that period, we bought land in Tellico Village in Loudon, Tennessee," says John. "Five years later we moved down. We rented while we built our new home."

These goals were met because John and Marcy followed a proven process that includes sharing the product, sharing the opportunity, and personal development, he says. "Never, ever overlook personal development. Start believing in yourself. Believe in the people you work for and who work for you. And follow the process - it works!"

EcoQuest helped John and Marcy build a successful business and a new home on the lake. John bought a sailboat for that lake. And instead of slaving away in a hostile environment in the corporate world, he sits in his sailboat to make his company calls.

Monday, February 16, 2009


EcoQuest Air Purifiers For Veterinarians

A regrettable aspect of owning pets is that sometimes they have to go to the vet. Angelo and Angela Elder turned that unfortunate event into a fortune just by talking to people in the waiting room.

"I was at a animal hospital," says Angelo Elder. "I always talk to people there with their pets to try to find out what they might need. In a conversation, I talked to a man who worked for a global company. I gave him materials."

That chance meeting led to a phone call, says Angelo. "After meeting with seven to eight employees and managers, I left materials again. Then I had another meeting with a vice president." As anyone who has ever struck a commercial deal knows, these things don't happen overnight. It often takes several meetings to make a deal.

The first purchase order was for more than $20,000 worth of equipment. "We're negotiating for their office buildings in other locations as well. It's going to expand out," says Angelo.

"The bottom line is you just have to get in front of people and see what they're doing. It will always lead you in another direction."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


EcoQuest International Links

Download the EcoQuest International 2009 Healthy Resolutions Catalog and Gift Certificates

January is finally history.

Have your resolutions lagged? Get the New Year's Resolution Catalog to help you and your clients keep going strong. Download here.

Free Energy for a Year Campaign

More Free Energy Coupons Available Soon. For more information, go to

EcoQuest Instant Messaging System

Never let important business messages get lost in the spam box again!

President's Club Trip to Hawaii

Monday, February 09, 2009


Cleaner Air Found to Add 5 Months to Life

The cleaner the air you breathe, the longer you will live. Brigham Young University researchers recently examined the effects of air quality improvements on health in 51 metropolitan areas from the 1980s to the 1990s.

They found, after variable controls, that life expectancy increased by an average of two years and eight months in areas studied. The study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, further estimated that five months is the increase that can be attributed solely to improvements in air quality!

Ridding indoor air of toxins and fumes is essential for healthy homes, and an important component for a greener home. EcoQuest's ActivePure Technology™ reduces unhealthy odors and smoke indoors, and kills bacteria, mold, and viruses on surfaces.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


EcoQuest International New Meetings Website

EcoQuest International would like to take this opportunity to provide you with more detailed instructions on navigating our new meetings website. EcoQuest encourages you to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the site so you can make the most of this great new tool for your business.

To access the meetings website, go to or log on to your EBC and look under "Dealer Events."

Finding Meetings in your area:

To look up meetings by state, you have a few options - The "Open Meetings" and "Search Meetings By State" icons.

Open Meetings:

Select "Open Meetings" (tab at the top of your screen or icon at the lower, right of your screen).

Now, choose Open Meetings for the U.S. or Canada.

The next screen should display a map of the U.S. or Canada. Click on the state (or province) you wish to find a meeting in.

This screen will display a list of meetings in that particular state. If you see a meeting on the list that interests you, click on it, and that meeting's details will be displayed (time, date, host contact info, etc.). The Open Meetings option will also tell you if the meeting is a one-time event or a recurring meeting. This information is displayed next to "Date or Frequency."

All meetings that have been submitted to EcoQuest will be displayed on the Open Meetings page, even if the date has not yet been determined for the meeting. This will allow you to at least see that there is an upcoming meeting in that area. If a meeting you're interested in attending does not display a date yet, keep checking back.

Meetings By State:

Select "Meetings by State" (tab at the top of your screen or icon to the right of your screen).

This screen will display a map of the United States. You will see various colored dots throughout the map. Each dot represents a meeting in that state. Each color represents a different type of meeting (Mike Jackson Meeting, Dealer Meeting, Heartland Select, etc.) Check the legend at the bottom of your screen to find out what color dot corresponds with what type of meeting.

Note that dots do not represent that exact location of a meeting, only the state the meeting will be held in. Click on the dot for meeting details.

Only meetings with set dates will be displayed on the Meetings By State page. To view submitted meetings with dates yet to be determined, you must check Open Meetings. This page will also not specify whether a meeting is a one-time event or recurring meeting. Again, check Open Meetings for this information.

Meetings By Calendar:

Select "Meetings by Calendar" (tab at the top of your screen or icon to the right of your screen).
This page will pull up a calendar, displaying the current month. You will see various colored dots on the calendar. Each dot represents a meeting on that particular date. Each color represents a different type of meeting (Mike Jackson Meeting, Dealer Meeting, Heartland Select, etc.) Check the legend at the bottom of your screen to find out what color dot corresponds with what type of meeting.

To view a different month's meetings, click the month forward or back at the top of the calendar.
Note that Meetings by Calendar will show all meetings in the United States occurring on the date you choose. You must click on the meeting's "dot" to find out where the meeting is located.

Submitting Your Meeting to EcoQuest:

If you are holding an EcoQuest meeting, we encourage you to submit your meeting information to us so that it can be included on the Meetings website for other Dealers to view. Here's how:

Click on "Request an Open Meeting" at the top, right of your screen (green button).

Log in with your username and password (same username and password you use for EBC).
Fill in your meeting's information. If you don't know all the details of your meeting yet, make a comment in the text box at the bottom of the page to let us know this is partial information. If any of your information is missing, and you do not let us know you have submitted partial information, you will be contacted by EcoQuest's Sales Manager Support department for the missing details.

To submit or edit information about your posted meeting, you may fill out another meeting form (Be sure to leave a comment in the text box at the bottom of the page to let us know this is a change or addition to an already submitted meeting.)

Once you have filled out all your information, click "Submit" at the bottom of your screen.

Your meeting information will then be reviewed by EcoQuest and posted on the Meetings website.

Note that we will be sending out a "New Meetings Update" on Tuesday of each week. If you are holding a meeting in your area, be sure to submit it before Tuesdays to make sure you are included in that week's announcement.

Accessing the Dealer Meetings Tools:

This page contains practically everything you will need to conduct your own EcoQuest meeting, like professional PowerPoint presentations, training presentations, information on current promotions and our compensation, and more.

Click on "Dealer Meetings Support" at the top, right of your screen (blue button).

If you have not logged in yet, you will be asked for your username and password (same one used for EBC).

From here you can download any of the tools you will need for your meeting.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


EcoQuest New Meeting Website For Dealers Selling Air Purifiers

The air purifier company EcoQuest International has a new meeting and training documentation website and it is up and running! For all the news on meetings, conference calls, conventions, and training meetings, go to

Mike Jackson challenges you to schedule 100 public meetings in February. "We want 100 professionally conducted events open to the public to which anybody can bring people. This is our target!"

Go to the website to post your private meetings as well. "We are going to honor all the people who do private meetings too," says Master Manager Evelyn Nelson. "We're asking them to post their private meetings. Just put in date, time, and name. That way, we'll be able to gauge how many meetings are going on."

The first 100 open meetings to be posted and completed will enjoy the "Open Meeting Riverboat Cruise" Award. For all open and private meetings posted, the Host will receive a "Board Pin." This pin is unique to the history of our Company and represents its formation. It also signifies both the courage to present the plan in front of a group (in the old days on a white board) and also the foundation of building a business.

"Along with our meeting challenge, we're setting our sites on new recruits," says Mike. "Our goal is 1,500 new recruits in February."

Once the goals of 100 open meetings and 1,500 new recruits in February has been reached, the Family Economic Stimulus Package will be extended to March, because "we don't want to get people to join and get fired up in February and not be able to offer the same program to their recruits in March," says Mike.

Post your event. Join the Family Economic Stimulus Package. Get your first recruit. Let's knock it out of the park in February!"

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


EcoQuest International Family Economic Stimulus Package

EcoQuest International - With the economic slowdown of 2008 and 2009, families are seeking a second income stream.

Risk can be an insurmountable barrier to families who want to start their own business. Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, says that rich people own their own businesses and invest their profits to build financial independence. "Contrast this with the Small Business Administration telling us only 20 percent of new businesses survive in the 60 months," says Mike Jackson. "Combined with the high cost of starting a business, it all becomes very unappealing."

Introducing the risk-free Family Economic Stimulus package!

"EcoQuest is reversing the risk of starting a new business with this program," says Mike. "This package allows people to enter into a business with EcoQuest without fear. This is not an enticement, not something for nothing. It is a challenge."

With the new plan, if new or existing Business Owners buy a Success Pack or Clip 6 in February and vigorously pursue their businesses, EcoQuest agrees to buy back unsold merchandise for up to one year! Certain qualifications exist, so be sure to download the agreement.

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