Monday, July 31, 2006


EcoQuest Air Purifiers Do A Number On Dust

EcoQuest International has a line of many different air purifiers for several applications. One of the main reasons people get an air purifier is to, well, purify the air. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out. But what is a Fresh Air by EcoQuest purifying the air of? That would be dust.

I'll bet, however, that you don't know what dust is made of, do ya?

You might want to put down that ham and cheese sandwich your wolfin' down right now and have a seat...

The majority of dust in your home is made of dead skin cells! Eeeew, how grody is that? And what's worse is that dust mites use your dead skin cells as a bus or more like a hang-glider to move from place to place.

Well ladies and gentlemen, we want to put the kibosh on the dust mite transportation superhighway right? Right! You can do that with an air purifier from EcoQuest International.

EcoQuest effectively lets the air out of the tires of the dust mite dead skin cell bus by removing them from your breathing space thus making life more good.

I'm not sure the last sentence there was grammatically correct, but this isn't a test and who cares anyway if you have clean air from EcoQuest?

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Friday, July 28, 2006


EcoQuest President Mike Jackson Made A Big Announcement

EcoQuest President Mike Jackson will be making a big change in his duties at the company that makes the top air purifiers in the world.

Instead of working at the office of EcoQuest overseeing the day to day operations of manufacturing air purification systems like the Fresh Air purifier and Living Air Classic Mike Jackson will be hitting the road taking the message of EcoQuest's business opportunity to the masses.

Mike has worked diligently for the last three years getting the home office team in place so he can help business builders out in the field.

One of Mike's first efforts to help field leaders will be to take the "America's Company Tour." He will be traveling the country in a specially marked Motor Coach this summer unveiling EcoQuest International as America's Company and America's Best Business Opportunity.

Mike Jackson knows his stuff. He was a company leading recruiter at Shaklee and set numerous company records and won numerous awards. He brought that experience to EcoQuest when he first started with the company as he helped the fledgling air purification company go from $500,000 a month in sales to $500,000 a day. He also spearheaded efforts that brought recruiting new distributors from 100 a month to 10,000 a month.

Read more about EcoQuest President Mike Jackson's America's Company Tour and look for the specially marked motor coach coming soon to a city near you.

Mike will also be looking for 50 committed, business building leaders that he will train in a special EcoQuest "General Jackson's Boot Camp" for 18 weeks. These 50 boot camp attendees will gain inside perspective and could possibly ad very significant earnings to their businesses. Mike is only looking for very serious business builders though.

You can also count on seeing all of the EcoQuest products like the Fresh Air Buddy, Living Water water purifiers, Fresh Air Spectrum, Fresh Air To Go, the new Living Sunshine, Spring House and of course the new LaundryPure.

Don't miss it.

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EcoQuest Has A Blimp

The EcoQuest Blimp!

We bet you didn’t know EcoQuest has a blimp. (The EcoQuest accountants don't know that either!)

This blimp will be on “prize-patrol” in Memphis, so register now if you are an EcoQuest Dealer and watch for it when you get there!


EcoQuest Dealers Survey

Attention EcoQuest Dealers

Don't miss your chance to be heard!
Last week EcoQuest, EcoQuest distributed a business owner survey in order to get input from you on our products, programs, and business opportunity. EcoQuest have received an outstanding response to the survey and some very valuable input. Don't miss your chance to help us help you grow your business. The survey will be open until August 18. Please take a few minutes to click on the link below and complete the survey, if you have not already done so.

Business Owner Survey
As EcoQuest looks at product and promotions that will help you grow your business, it is very important to us that EcoQuest get input from our business owners before making any decisions. With that objective in mind, EcoQuest have developed a survey that will help us understand more about our business owners and their attitudes and perceptions about our products and programs.

EcoQuest strongly encourages you to take the time to have your voice heard and fill out the brief questionnaire. Simply click on the link below and you will be directed to the online survey. All responses will be kept in strictest confidence and will be tallied by a third party supplier. Please be sure to click "done" once you have completed the survey. If the "survey monkey" page comes up after clicking "done", simply close out the window. Your survey results have been accepted and will be tallied along with all other respondents.

EcoQuest will share the results of the survey with all participants once the results have been tallied. The survey will remain open for the next 30 days, so EcoQuest would ask you to respond as soon as possible. The survey should only take you 10-15 minutes to complete.

This survey is the first of a series that EcoQuest will use in order to maintain a constant source of input from our business owners to our corporate office. At the end of the survey, EcoQuest has invited you to submit your name as part of a virtual advisory board that EcoQuest will use as a platform for input on specific issues that come up throughout the year.

EcoQuest looks forward to your input and want to assure you that your opinions and expertise are very important to our process of developing products and programs that meet your needs.

Click here to begin the survey

Thursday, July 27, 2006


EcoQuest Technology Seminar In Jupiter Florida

EcoQuest Technology Seminar


“I worked for 12 years with Raytheon Missile Systems, in part learning to make the complicated easy to understand. I’ve spent the last 2 years gaining an understanding of how our technology works. Now I’m going to be out there with you, sharing how EcoQuest’s latest technology innovations work, with easy to follow, easy to understand presentations that will help you share the benefits of our technology, without getting caught up in the technical mumbo jumbo.”


Share EcoQuest Technology-Make it simple and effective!

Would you like to know more about the technology?

Bring your Business Owner teams and your guests to this informative, eye-opening seminar. Learn more about the technology behind the products in order to effectively share the EcoQuest Opportunity. Commercial products, SpringHouse, and LaundryPure will be on display along with EcoQuest's Fresh Air family.


EcoQuest Choir to Perform At Memphis Convention

If you are an EcoQuest Dealer of their fine air purification systems make plans now to participate in all three optional interdenominational worship opportunities at the Memphis Convention.

The first ever EcoQuest Choir will sing at the optional Sunday Worship Service in Memphis and you can be a part of it. An important part of EcoQuest's grand legacy is our commitment to God and the Memphis Convention has scheduled three events you will not want to miss. They are listed below. Places and times will be included in your printed agenda which you'll receive when you arrive in Memphis.

Tim and Keiloni Bruner will sing and Tom Ross will deliver the message at the Friday morning Devotion.
*Not to be missed!

The Bruners will sing and Greg Montoya will speak at the Saturday morning Devotion.
** Not to be missed!!!

The EcoQuest Choir, directed by Tim Bruner, will sing at the Sunday Worship Service, various guest speakers will lead the service and Mitchell Tolle will deliver the message.

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For EcoQuest Dealers Only

EcoQuest wants to give you a chance to get aFREE FRESH AIR BUDDY!Decorate it for the Buddy Build-Off. Wear it wherever you go.

See how many people ask you about it. Just be sure to bring it to Memphis!

Now, you may be wondering, "HOW DO I GET A FREE BUDDY?"

Throughout the month of July, we’ll be giving away one Fresh Air Buddy each weekday to one lucky Business Owner. All you have to do is get registered for the upcoming International Convention in Memphis. We’ll select one registration number each day to win that day’s Buddy.

So if you don't get one before the EcoQuest Convention in Memphis before August 2nd all I can say is tough, that's just the way it works.

Now quit your whining!

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EcoQuest Califorina Business Owners

Recently, you may have become aware of increased interest in indoor air purifiers that utilize ozone technology in the State of California. A bill has recently been drafted and California Legislature is preparing to vote on California Assembly Bill 2276. That bill, if passed, will give the Air Resources Board the power to prohibit the sale of ozone generating air purifiers in the State of California. Such a prohibition would include Fresh Air, Breeze and Classic.

EcoQuest has made vigorous attempts to educate the legislature and to otherwise lobby against the bill. The California Air Resources Board supports the bill and has not shown any inclination to explore a reasonable compromise bacause they are simple mindless nitwits.

So, we need your help! Your state legislators, both Assembly Members and Senators, need to hear from you on this matter immediately. We are providing a sample letter we propose you reproduce on your personal stationary not your business stationary and send to your appropriate state legislators. The language included can be copied and pasted into an email, or printed and mailed. Click Here for a PDF version, or Click Here for a Word document.

If you do not know the names of your state legislators, you may determine who it is by consulting the following web site: and entering your zip code.


EcoQuest Technology Seminar In Orlando Florida

Share EcoQuest Technology-Make it simple and effective!
Would you like to know more about the technology?

Bring your Business Owner teams and your guests to this informative, eye-opening seminar. Learn more about the technology behind the products in order to effectively share the EcoQuest Opportunity. EcoQuest's Fresh Air family of products will be on display. Handouts will be given out.

Allen will even have a special free gift only available at his seminars (the gifts are not available for sale and you must be present to receive one!).

Cost is $10 for EcoQuest dealers and their guests are free.

What are the attendees saying about Allen’s EcoQuest Technology Seminar?

“Allen has a calm factual delivery that imparts information with confidence in understandable terminology for the average attendee. We have heard from many Business Owners who felt they understood for the first time the RCI Technology! Even guests in attendance may not have been technology oriented when they went in, but were convinced of the very "Real" Business they'd been exposed to after! This type of Seminar is critical if we are to empower EcoQuest Business Owners with the confidence they need to approach a Technical business or individual Prospect.”

Angela & Angelo Elder
Future Coordinating Sales Managers
Houston, Texas

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LaundryPure Is Available Now From EcoQuest

EcoQuest International is widely know for their air purification systems such as the Fresh Air by EcoQuest and the Living Air Classic, but they will soon be known for more than air purifiers.

Laundry Pure is available now and it is a solution to using detergents, hot water, bleach, and fabric softners on your clothes.

Here are some of the benefits of LaundryPure:

• Eliminates harmful detergents
• Increases fabric life
• Eliminates allergies caused by detergents & chemicals
• Reduces bacteria
• Increases fabric volume
• Eliminates phosphate pollution
• Saves on hot water
• The elimination of trapped detergents makes fabric colors more vibrant
• Adds silver ions to fabrics for ongoing bacteria and odor protection

Look for LaundryPure now from EcoQuest International. Call your EcoQuest Dealer pronto.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


EcoQuest Pearl Colored Fresh Air Buddy Personal Air Purifier Available

If you are looking for a personal air purifier you can take with you anywhere EcoQuest International has the Fresh Air Buddy for you. The Buddy hangs around your neck and is perfect for the business traveler or for just going on vacation.

In confind areas such as airplanes buses and even on cruise ships the Fresh Air Buddy offers extra protection from airborne dust, particles and pathogens.

It is especially great for using when you will be around lots people. You never know what or who you will run into in a large crowd.

Now the Fresh Air Buddy by EcoQuest comes in a nice pearl color for a second option. The Buddy is available alone or as part of the Fresh Air BuddyPersonal Power Pack which includes a fast charger and 2 Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries.

Monday, July 24, 2006


EcoQuest International Regional Sales Directors

EcoQuest International maker of the Fresh Air by EcoQuest and several other air purifiers announced a while back that they are coordinating their field support efforts to provide their dealers additional support in three marketing regions.

Speaker and business builder Debi D’Iorio will function as Regional Director of the Eastern section to support the eastern portion of the United States and Canada.

Rick Hill will work in the middle part of the country as Central Regional Director, and Shan Stratton will cover the Western United States.

Each of these regional directors specific duties will include planning, coordination and management of regional meetings and rallies, assisting field leaders and dealers with strategic planning, and the management of incentives and programs customized for each region.

EcoQuest International is the manufacturer of top of the line air purification systems such as the Fresh Air By EcoQuest, Living Air Classic, Fresh Air Buddy and soon to be out Laundry Pure.


EcoQuest Business Update

This is an exciting time for EcoQuest International it's dealers and customers as well!

Over the past year, EcoQuest has made some significant changes in their company structure with the objective of providing world class service AND world class products for their world class business opportunity and products like the Fresh Air.

They have put processes in place to insure that all products that leave their facilities have been tested and evaluated to reduce field failures. In addition, new processes have been put in place to insure that no new product is introduced into the marketplace without a thorough evaluation of the market and a complete testing of the design and product performance.

EcoQuest is also stepping up their marketing efforts to better understand the profile of a successful business owner, so we can provide information that will assist you in your recruiting and training efforts.

And they are establishing a foundation in market research that helps to better understand the potential market for EcoQuest products, as well as the profile of the consumer who would be interested in both our technology and consumable products. This research will assist dealers in their retail efforts by developing some targeted market information.

There are many other initiatives in process throughout all areas of the company, including operations, engineering, manufacturing, and information technology, all directed at improving the level of service and quality of products that they provide to you the customer.

EcoQuest is the world leader in air purification technology.


EcoQuest Is More Than Air Purification

The top maker of air purification systems in the world, EcoQuest International, is now in the laundry business.

Yes, they will continue to make their award winning air purifiers like the Fresh Air by EcoQuest and the Living Air Classic as well as other personal air purifiers.

However the new Laundry Pure from EcoQuest was a reality a few weeks ago.

You can now order LaundryPure from your local EcoQuest dealer as they are now bringing clean laundry to customers world wide.

Stay tuned for more exciting information from the top air purification company in the don't want to miss it.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Welcome To EcoQuest International

Welcome To EcoQuest International

A strange listing that comes up if you search for EcoQuest Business in Yahoo.

christian home based business-rated #1 opportunity

What's that all about?


EcoQuest Convention

EcoQuest is busy preparing for their next convention in Memphis Tennessee in just 12 more days.

Right now they are giving away a Fresh Air Buddy Personal Air Purifier at the rate of one a day to celebrate and promote until the convention.

During the convention event expect to hear about a few new products that EcoQuest will be coming out with. Stay tuned here for further information as new products are announced at the convention.

Also in the news expect to hear the outcome of a recent lawsuit against the founder of EcoQuest, (Alpine Industries) Bill Converse.

Stay tuned...


EcoQuest Fresh Air Uses


Use Your Fresh Air by EcoQuest International to Freshen Your Car

Using an extension cord, leave the Fresh Air machine in your car for 1-3 hours or over night depending on how much odor you have. With the windows rolled up use the sanitize feature or leave both the purifier and the fan on high.

To complete the job and have your car smelling fresh and clean, purify the A/C system for at least 30 minutes. Do this by starting the car and turning the A/C on high so the purification will circulate through out the ductwork. When you are finished roll the windows down and let your vehicle air out.

The purification smell may linger for a day, but it will revert to the fresh air smell you desire.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


EcoQuest Fresh Air Re-Certified Units Still Available

Occasionally EcoQuest International has a batch of Fresh Air units that may come back from a distributor or from a customer that just doesn't want the air purifier for some reason.

EcoQuest then takes these units and runs them through a battery of tests, replaces anything that's not in top working order and then re-certifies them for resale, plus they still offer the full 3 year warranty on each air purifier.

Well, you are in luck because there are still some of these Fresh Air purifiers left for sale and they are offered at a great price, $100 off the Manufacturers suggested retail price.

Get in touch with your EcoQuest dealer pronto if you would like to own a Fresh Air by EcoQuest at a nice discount.


Saturday, July 01, 2006


Important EcoQuest News

EcoQuest News


MANHATTAN, Kan. -- Ozone was good, but adding ionization appears to be better when it comes to getting rid of foodborne pathogens. And what is ionization? Jim Marsden of a Food Safety Consortium research team at Kansas State University likens a new process using ionization to a "miniature sun" of ultraviolet energy interacting with oxygen and drawing particles out of the air, thus producing an antimicrobial effect.

"When Mount St. Helens went off, you had all these particles floating around," Marsden said. "The reason they're not still floating around is that ionization from the sun caused them to fall out of the air." Marsden's KSU team worked with EcoQuest International, a Greeneville, Tenn.-based company, to determine the potential use of its ionization generator for food safety in processing plants. The researchers wanted to find out its effectiveness in reducing several pathogens including E. coli, Listeria monocytogenes and Staphylococcus aureus.

With EcoQuest phasing out its straight ozone generation system and shifting to ionization, it settled on a more advanced system that was originally developed by th National Aeronautics and Space Administration to decontaminate spacecrafts during long missions, Marsden said. The new technology for food safety goes beyond being merely ozone based. Its components consist of an antimicrobial part that uses oxidated gases such as peroxide and ozone and the ionized part.
"Here we're talking about oxidated gases that basically fill the room with a somewhat aggressive antimicrobial system -- extremely safe and breathable," Marsden said. "The levels of ozone are very low in terms of OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) standards."

The researchers used stainless steel surfaces to test the system's effectiveness in removing contaminating bacteria. The ionization system removed more microbial populations than ozone at shorter exposure times. Ozone already has a good track record as a disinfectant. The FDA in 2001 approved its use as a sanitizer for food contact surfaces and for direct application to food products. It is also used extensively for purification of bottled and municipal water.

"In the meat and poultry industry there are some applications for ozone where products are being treated with aqueous ozone prior to being sliced," Marsden said. "They're looking at ozone for decontamination of poultry chillers and for direct decontamination of birds as they go down the processing line." Marsden noted that the five years since government approval of the process is not a long time to determine how well applications are going to work, particularly in the meat and poultry industry.

The ionization system may be suited for related uses pending further research. KSU and EcoQuest personnel will examine its effectiveness in inactivating avian influenza environmentally. They may also investigate how the system could control listeria in ready-to-eat meat processing environments. The recent research results showed that ionization was effective in reducing levels of Staphylococcus aureus, leading researchers to consider the implications for hospitals and nursing homes.

"The ionization effect is that it eliminated odors," Marsden added. "For odors to be present they have to be aeromatic, so if you take it out in particle form and inactivate further with peroxide and ozone, it might have some application as well in hospitals, nursing homes and the food industry."

Jun 20, 2006 Poultry Today

EcoQuest International


Factory Re-Certified EcoQuest Fresh Air Available Now

Periodically EcoQuest offers a special price on Fresh Air units that have been returned "open box." They inspect the units, ensure the technology is up to date, label the units as re-certified, and offer these "like new" units at an incredible savings to you.

About Re-Certified Fresh Air units:
These units are put through stringent testing, sealed in a new carton, and are protected with EcoQuest's industry-best warranty! These are a great deal at a bargain price.

EcoQuest only has a limited supply, and are offering these units at the "Trade-Up Program" pricing - no trade required - while supplies last. That's a $100 savings per unit when you order a re-certified Fresh Air from your dealer. As soon as supplies run out these units are gone.

Call you EcoQuest Dealer for more info.

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