Thursday, April 13, 2006


EcoQuest - From Air Purifiers To Clean Clothes With LaundryPure

EcoQuest International has been known for air purification systems the world over. They manufacture some of the top air purifiers made like the Fresh Air purifier, and the Living Air Classic.

But now they will soon be know for getting your clothes clean!

They will soon introduce LaundryPure to the world and customers everywhere will be able to wash their clothes without the need for hot water, soap or detergent.

This is revolutionary folks. Imagine the money you can save on electricity, and all the other consumables you use for washing your clothes.

LaundryPure will soon be available to the public. Last I heard it was to be released on April 15th and that would be Saturday. I'm not sure that's going to happen because I haven't heard anything for sure from my sources.

You know how well EcoQuest builds their air purifiers so stay tuned and contact your local dealer or call the company to ask them when this little jewel will be available to the public.

Get your air purifiers and new LaundryPure system from the company you can trust.

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