Sunday, October 28, 2007


EcoQuest Pursonic Mister and Living Sunshine

EcoQuest is known for air purification systems for your home so why Living Sunshine?

There’s a fever coming. It strikes without warning, and each year it impacts millions as the seasons turn colder. Those who catch it describe decreased energy levels, feelings of sadness, and even weight gain. This illness is not caused by a germ, but the effects can be contagious. It’s “cabin fever” - otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD.

SAD, is a very real medical condition caused by a lack of sunshine. In fact, office workers in sealed buildings can be affected year-round. 70-80% of those affected are women. A lack of energy and feelings of depression are the most common symptoms.

If you know someone who has felt the effects of SAD, there is help. It has been proven in clinical studies that light therapy is as effective as antidepressants in treating SAD!

The ultra-light and compact Living Sunshine meets all the requirements for a doctor’s prescription. That means a SAD patient can get a prescription for Living Sunshine, and their insurance will cover the cost if their plan allows. Contact your individual insurance company to see if you are eligible.

So let your light shine this winter and help people feel better with the power of Living Sunshine.

Living Sunshine retails for $249.

Why Pursonic Mister?

Dry air can be a big problem in the winter months. Homes are tightly sealed to save energy costs, and heating the air removes essential moisture from your breathing zone.
Dry air can cause chapped lips, itchy eyes, and make the body more susceptible to illness, because proper humidity levels are essential for good health. In fact, proper humidity levels make Fresh Air technology work better too!

Pursonic Mister - The Perfect Compliment for Fresh Air by EcoQuest!

The Pursonic Mister replaces lost moisture, season after season. And, the built in, advanced ozone technology gives you peace of mind that your air is free of the mildew and bacteria problems prone to water tanks in ordinary humidifiers.

The included remote control and programmable timer make the Pursonic Mister ultra-convenient. Because the Pursonic Mister has no fan, the silent cool mist produced with sound waves safely and quietly replaces the moisture lost to furnaces and air conditioners.

The Pursonic Mister retails for $139.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Limited Edition “Pink” ecobox From EcoQuest

The Limited Edition ecobox is colored with a beautiful mauve hue to complement many home designs. EcoQuest is calling it “Pink” in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness month. EcoQuest wanted to provide a color that would go well with home décor while keeping the spirit of this great cause.

A portion of the sale of each unit will go to breast cancer prevention, education, and cure research.

This Limited Edition Mauve ecobox is available only for a limited time. When they’re gone, they’re gone, so order quickly to get yours. October Special

Try 2 Bags Of Rainforest Coffee, Get 1 Free

As a special incentive to try this outstanding product from the web site, EcoQuest is offering a "try two, get one bag free" for the month of October. Simply go to the, click on Rainforest Coffee, and choose the special offer in Regular or Decaf, anytime from today until October 31st. You will also be contacted by email with an offer to continue on autoship at your option.

EcoQuest's 2007 Leader of the Year, Kristin MacPherson loves The Rainforest Coffee, and has some great ideas on how you can use it in your business. Find out how Kristin uses Rainforest Coffee to boost sales and establish better relationships with her customers.

Friday, October 05, 2007


EcoQuest Whole Home Protection Package

Personal and whole-home environmental conditioning customized to your needsTake the Personalized Assessment with your EcoQuest Environmental Specialist. You’ll be invited to try one of our systems risk-free, in your home, and you’ll receive a free Total Protection proposal customized to fit your needs.

Small home. Large home. Pet-owner. Allergy-sufferer. Smoker. Whatever. An EcoQuest Healthy Living Technology package can be custom-designed to fit your lifestyle.


Ask your EcoQuest Indoor Environmental Specialist about a Total Protection Package customized for your environment.

You can also get started with the EcoQuest $997 TOTAL PROTECTION BASE PACK:Includes 1 Fresh Air by EcoQuest, 1 ecobox, and 1 Fresh Air Focus - Save $100.00.
Contact your EcoQuest Indoor Environmental Specialist for details or to receive more information.


EcoQuest Living Water Ultra

Living Water Ultra is a revolutionary water filtration system that removes contaminants, leaving you with clear, great-tasting water. Every Living Water Ultra includes the same tester used in national laboratories to evaluate the presence of contaminants.

Test your tap or bottled water, then test water filtered by your Living Water Ultra. When the meter reads “000” you'll know that the tester is detecting no traces of dissolved solids and chemicals that are commonly found in tap and bottled water. Living Water Ultra uses a patented filter technology to remove undesirable contaminants.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


EcoQuest ActivePure Technology Proven In University Studies

Technology that duplicates nature is proven to work in the air and on surfaces in independent University published testing.

Watch Dr. James Marsden of Kansas State University and Dr. Sergey Grinshpun from the University of Cinncinnatti explain how EcoQuest's ActivePure technology got incredible results in studies now published by the USDA and top scientific journals. (Scroll down the list of videos.)
Here is a summary of "what it means" from Dr. Marsden, Regent's Distinguished Professor from KSU:

"The combination of ionization and the ActivePure (RCI) cell in Fresh Air helps remove floating particles from the air. University of Cincinnati tests clearly show that in controlled scientific published tests, Fresh Air reduced floating microbial matter by up to 250% over gravity, or in an environment without Fresh Air. Removing matter from air is good. If it is not in the air, it cannot get into your lungs. Then, KSU studies show that the ActivePure component of Fresh Air also inactivates mold, bacteria and even some viruses, like Avian flu, on surfaces."

ActivePure sends little active scrubbers out of the Fresh Air, ecobox, and other EcoQuest technology. They act like little pacmen who safely destroy mold and germs on the surfaces in your environment.

Here are pictures of a Petri Dish test that was done in an 80 year-old house with terrible mold problems. The first dish was what grew after 24 hours, with only an hour's exposure to the air. The second dish shows the growth in the same environment after it was treated with Fresh Air technology for just 24 hours

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