Friday, September 29, 2006


EcoQuest Personal Air Purifier - Fresh Air Buddy

Fresh Air BuddyCreate a personal "exclusion zone" for allergens, smoke, dust, viruses, and bacteria in your breathing area.


EcoQuest Fresh Air To Go

Fresh Air To GoThe new Fresh Air To Go takes our proprietary SynAirG technology and puts it in the palm of your hand.


Fresh Air By EcoQuest

Fresh Air by EcoQuestPurifies up to 3000 square feet. Customizable using either the included remote or the controls on the front.


EcoQuest Springhouse To Increase In Price

If you are in the market for a whole house water purifier system from the maker of air purifiers, that would be EcoQuest International, then get one soon from your EcoQuest dealer because they will be going up in price.

The price increase is expected to be around $250 so don't delay, call your EcoQuest dealer pronto!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006


EcoQuest In Success From Home Magazine


Success from Home magazine is filled with success stories about the world’s best home-based business owners – EcoQuest's home business team! And with articles by well-known experts like John Maxwell and Seth Godin, Success from Home gives added 3rd party credibility to what we already know to be the world's best business opportunity

“We have seen the Success from Home Magazine turn people who weren't even Business Owners into recruiting machines,” says EcoQuest Founder Mike Jackson. "People just see the magazine and ask to learn more."

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


EcoQuest Review

EcoQuest Review

EcoQuest International Product Reviews And News



Fresh Air has been proven to kill 99.99% of mold and bacteria on surfaces in University studies.

The Fresh Air effect is proven to kill germs on surfaces as it travels throughout the home eliminating smoke and odors in the air.



Fresh Air has been proven to kill 99.99% of mold and bacteria on surfaces in University studies.

The Fresh Air effect is proven to kill germs on surfaces as it travels throughout the home eliminating smoke and odors in the air.


Fresh Air By EcoQuest

Fresh Air by EcoQuest is the most successful University-tested air purifier on the market today.

Fresh Air technology has been proven to kill over 99.9% of the Avian Flu virus on surfaces in University studies.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Fresh Air - Certified Space Technology By EcoQuest International

EcoQuest's “Certified Space” Fresh Air by EcoQuest product is the world's only residential air purifier with technology certified by the NASA-affiliated Space Foundation. (Read below to see what that means.)

Independent studies have confirmed that EcoQuest’s air purification technology is proven to eliminate smoke and odors from the air.

EcoQuest’s Fresh Air technology is built on a foundation of 20 years of research as pioneers in the field of air purification.

EcoQuest air purifiers have been used to combat pollutants in a wide range of sensitive environments, including clean rooms at Lockheed Martin, the Pentagon after the 9/11 attack, in homes and businesses during California wildfire season, and daycares and schools across the country.


Fresh Air by EcoQuest

Fresh Air by EcoQuest is EcoQuest’s flagship product, and the cornerstone of a successful EcoQuest business. A host of new Fresh Air sales aids are under development, but until they are released we wanted to showcase the sales tools you already have, as well as give you some “talking points’ about what Fresh Air can do for your customers.


Even More On EcoQuest Certified Space Technology

A continuation of the previous post on EcoQuest International Space Certifier Technology in the Fresh Air By EcoQuest.

The NASA-affiliated Space Foundation, responsible for recognizing the use of space technology in our every day lives, granted EcoQuest the exclusive, lifetime certification for residential air purifiers. Through that certification, we joined the ranks of industry giants like Tempurpedic mattresses and Silhouette eyeglasses, giving EcoQuest a competitive edge in the marketplace because our technology is recognized as being at the forefront of scientific innovation.


More On EcoQuest's Certified Space Technology

EcoQuest took the basic idea from the previous post, improved the effectiveness, and enhanced it with multiple rare metals and a specially-designed system to maximize effectiveness. The result is an air purifier that can eliminate smoke and odors, as well as 99.99% of bacteria and mold on surfaces back here on Earth.

Isn't Fresh Air wonderful?


The Story Behind EcoQuest "Certified Space"?

The RCI technology in EcoQuest's Fresh Air is based on research originally conducted by NASA to prolong the lives of plants in space. Because of the lack of available fresh air in space for potentially long-term shuttle missions to Mars, plants would be used as an oxygen supply. They found that a toxic build-up of certain pollutants was shortening the life span of the plants. However, by using UV light and titanium dioxide, they were able to create oxidizers to "scrub" the air clean of these pollutants.

To be continued...

Thursday, September 21, 2006


EcoQuest International

EcoQuest International

Offers health-related products, including air and water purification systems for the home, vitamins and supplements, and household cleaning products via an affiliate marketing program.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


EcoQuest Featured Products

Fresh Air by EcoQuest

Fresh Air by EcoQuest is the safest, most sought after air purification system in the world. In fact, EcoQuest's Fresh Air technology has been given the exclusive "Certified In Space" distinction by the NASA associated Space Foundation.


EcoQuest's Line Of Air Purifier Products

EcoQuest International invites you to browse their site to get acquainted with their exclusive line of products.

EcoQuest proudly offers items that have been carefully designed to safely and conveniently enhance and improve the quality of living indoors. As an EcoQuest customer, you can purchase these great products knowing you'll get the kind of personal attention not found elsewhere.

The EcoQuest web site can be found at


Register your EcoQuest Products

Don't forget this important step for your EcoQuest air purification and other technology products. Registering your products helps you in these ways.

• CONFIRM YOUR ECOQUEST WARRANTY - Your prompt product registration confirms your right to the protection available under the terms and conditions of your EcoQuest warranty.

• PROTECT YOUR PRODUCT - We will keep information such as: model #, serial #, and purchase date, of your new EcoQuest product on file to help you refer to this information in the unlikely event you require replacement parts or need to file an insurance claim for loss or theft.

• REGISTER TO BUY PRODUCTS FROMTHE ECOQUEST INTERNATIONAL RETAIL CATALOG - Now that you are a member of the EcoQuest family, you will be able to enjoy special promotions direct from EcoQuest. We will be offering you special promotions that only you, as an EcoQuest product owner, can take part in.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


EcoQuest International

EcoQuest International

Offers health-related products, including air and water purification systems for the home, vitamins and supplements, and household cleaning items.


EcoQuest Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI) Technology

EcoQuest Air Purifier RCI Testing Results

Comparing The Effects of RCI Technology and Ozone Technology on reducing common bacteria and fungi on surfaces in 24-hour testing.

Advantages of RCI:Germicidal UV for microbe inactivation

Germicidal UV for Catalytic Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) reactions

Combination of UVX wavelengths to produce AOP reactions in the air.

AOP reactions inactivate microbes as well as destroy odors.

AOP reactants remain effective after leaving the RCI™ unit as a “purifying plasma”.


EcoQuest Business Owner Business Tools

As an EcoQuest Business Owner, selling air purifiers like the Fresh Air by EcoQuest, you may get your own EcoQuest web site, access the Web Conference System, track your orders, and get the answers & training to help you build your EcoQuest business. Take advantage of the many support programs we offer by using the links above and make your EcoQuest business grow!


EcoQuest LaundryPure Information

EcoQuest is the manufacturer of many different kinds of air purification systems and they have now brought to market LaundryPure, the revolutionary technology that lets you wash your clothes without the need for hot water or detergent.

Attention EcoQuest Dealers:

New LaundryPure Sales Aids Announced

New LaundryPure DVD available for advanced purchase.

A powerful LaundryPure DVD was debuted in Memphis and we're taking advanced orders now. The DVDs are expected to be in stock the 2nd week of September.


More Comments From EcoQuest International Technology Seminars

EcoQuest International Fresh Air Purifiers And Technology Seminars

“If you want to become informed about the technology, no hype, just the straight facts, Allen's presentation is a must. We already have people asking when he will be back for their new people.”

Maury and Jo Ann Wilhoite
Key Sales Managers
Indianapolis, Indiana

“Allen has the unique ability to take the complexity of our science and make it simple to understand the benefits that we create.”

Angelo & Dee Martino
Master Managers
Boardman, Ohio

“We found Allen's presentation of the technology and the application of the technology in our residential and commercial products very thorough and impressive, yet simple enough for anyone interested to understand. I am NOT a technical person, but he got me excited to see the power and potential of our products.”

Kelly & Bill Davis
Master Managers
Moline, Illinois


EcoQuest International Technology Seminar In Topeka Kansas

EcoQuest International Air Purification Technology Seminar In Topeka Kansas

Title: Technology Seminar
Speaker: Allen Johnston
Date: Sep 21 2006
Registration Time: 6:30 pm
Time: 7:00 pm
Cost: $10.00 per DEALER; Guests are FREE
Location: Total Home Concepts
Address: 1131 South West Winding Road
City: Topeka
State/Province: KS US 66615
Phone: 785.272.8700
Steve Rangel - 951.318.3225
Mike Perry - 785.231.8569
Rick Bull - 785.806.3253


Antendee Quotes From EcoQuest Technology Seminars

“Allen has a calm factual delivery that imparts information with confidence in understandable terminology for the average attendee. We have heard from many Business Owners who felt they understood for the first time the RCI Technology! Even guests in attendance may not have been technology oriented when they went in, but were convinced of the very "Real" Business they'd been exposed to after! This type of Seminar is critical if we are to empower EcoQuest Business Owners with the confidence they need to approach a Technical business or individual Prospect.”

Angela & Angelo Elder
Future Coordinating Sales Managers
Houston, Texas


Allen Johnston - EcoQuest VP Of Field Development In Technology

Allen Johnston of EcoQuest International Says:

“I worked for 12 years with Raytheon Missile Systems, in part learning to make the complicated easy to understand. I’ve spent the last 2 years overseeing EcoQuest’s manufacturing and engineering operations which has provided a comprehensive understanding of how our technology works and the science behind it. Now I’m going to be out there with you, sharing how EcoQuest’s latest technology innovations work, with easy to follow, easy to understand presentations that will help you share the benefits of our technology, without getting too caught up in all the technical mumbo jumbo.”

Monday, September 18, 2006


EcOQuest Creating Wealth From Home Team Asks For Help

EcoQuest Fresh Air Purifiers

Many of you have received the letter from the Creating Wealth From Home team who are coordinating their efforts at the grass roots level with the work the Company is doing out front, and behind the scenes.

Together, we can meet this challenge and have a great impact on the future for all California Business Owners. In the end, we have a great opportunity to show how democracies work. Please join us as we continue to support all of you in the field with proactive action from our corporate offices and friends in California.


More Info On EcoQuest Air Purifer Sales In California

The reason this bill about air purifier concerns us is that the Air Resource Board has implied their opinion that ozone should not be used in any air purification products, even in trace, natural, safe amounts, or in unoccupied spaces. While not having an immediate impact on the company or your business, it does set the stage for years of filings and briefs regarding the regulation. Should this happen, we are ready, but we can do something now to positively impact the future.


Bill Affecting EcoQuest Air Purifier Sales In California

As many of you already know, California Assembly Bill AB 2276, designed to give the Air Resources Board authority to regulate air purifiers in California, has passed the general assembly. The only action that could stop this bill from becoming law is a veto by the Governor's office.

This bill would be bad news for EcoQuest International and air purifiers In California


Info On Darryl Jackson New CEO AT EcoQuest International

EcoQuest International Air Purifiers - Fresh Air - Living Air Classic

While at John H. Harland, Inc. and M.S. Carriers, Darryl led both organizations to substantial profit investments and shareholder wealth by establishing cross-functional and practical cost control, as well as quality improvement processes. Jackson also served as CEO of Solutions Six, a software development company that served both legal and professional service firms. In that capacity, he transferred operations from Australia to the United States with improved profitability and customer service.

Earlier in his career, Darryl was the youngest plant manager in company history for Milliken and Company, where he transformed a manufacturing facility from 72nd to 1st in 18 months through quality and management processes, and as Quality Director, helped set the foundation for the company winning the Malcolm Baldridge award.

Darryl graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in physics and applied mathematics from North Carolina State University and obtained an M.B.A. from the Darden School of Business and J.D. from the School of Law at the University of Virginia.


More Info On EcoQuest International New CEO

Fore more than two decades, Darryl has been a senior business executive and community leader. He has served as President and Chief Operating Officer of John H. Harland, Inc., a well-known financial services firm from 2001 to 2002, and as Chief Operating Officer of M.S. Carriers, a leading transportation services company from 1991 to 1994. He was also a partner at both Accenture and Deloitte Consulting, where he was a practice leader and sales/delivery leader within the telecommunications practice.

EcoQuest and their air purification systems have a bright future.


New President and CEO Named At EcoQuest

In July 2006, Darryl Jackson was named as the President and Chief Executive Officer of EcoQuest International, a global company specializing in air purification, water treatment, and nutritional supplements. Darryl will be responsible for operations, customer service, finances, sales and marketing, and strategic planning.

More Info Coming Soon

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