Monday, April 17, 2006


EcoQuest - Fresh Air Purification Is Everywhere


Air purification is a serious matter and EcoQuest International is on the forefront of keeping the air in your home clean.

Air purification is in the news so much lately and now EcoQuest is making even more news.

Many thousands of people visit the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia Pennsylvania every year and this year they will be breathing the freshest air possible.

Oh really?

Yes, believe it or not (a classic Ripley's line) the secure building complex that houses one of the most important symboles of liberty for our nation has its air protected by Fresh Air DuctwoRx.

DuctwoRx is the air purification technology that you install into your HVAC system and it gives you fresh clean air throughout your entire home right from your air conditioning vents. How's that sound for cool?

Stay tuned because there will be more to come on DuctwoRx air purification technology being used at the Liberty Bell Museum.

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