Monday, February 16, 2009


EcoQuest Air Purifiers For Veterinarians

A regrettable aspect of owning pets is that sometimes they have to go to the vet. Angelo and Angela Elder turned that unfortunate event into a fortune just by talking to people in the waiting room.

"I was at a animal hospital," says Angelo Elder. "I always talk to people there with their pets to try to find out what they might need. In a conversation, I talked to a man who worked for a global company. I gave him materials."

That chance meeting led to a phone call, says Angelo. "After meeting with seven to eight employees and managers, I left materials again. Then I had another meeting with a vice president." As anyone who has ever struck a commercial deal knows, these things don't happen overnight. It often takes several meetings to make a deal.

The first purchase order was for more than $20,000 worth of equipment. "We're negotiating for their office buildings in other locations as well. It's going to expand out," says Angelo.

"The bottom line is you just have to get in front of people and see what they're doing. It will always lead you in another direction."

Air Purifiers are very beneficial for people suffering from allergies due to air pollutants, and asthma. The allergy inducing particles may come as dust or pollen, pet dander or mold spores. A home air purifier removes these particles. It also provides protection against hazardous smoke particles and airborne gases that may intrude into the house and bedrooms.
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