Tuesday, August 01, 2006


EcoQuest Whole Home Air Purification Solution

EcoQuest has a whole house air purification solution for those of you that need an entire solution that covers every square inch of your home, including the a/c ductwork.

Starting out with a DuctwoRx from EcoQuest International, at the heart of DuctwoRx is Certified Space Technology Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI) which uses the same process NASA uses to scrub and clean the air inside their spacecraft.

DuctwoRx installs in your air conditioning right after the air handler.

DuctwoRx enhances the effectiveness of the next part of the system which is the Fresh Air, the whole house air purifier from EcoQuest.

Fresh Air uses 5 different technologies know as SynairG 5 to clean the air in your home. Plug in this remarkable air purification system for clean air anywhere and everywhere in your home.

The next part of the whole house system is the Fresh Air Spectrum UVX, the world's only flat panel air purifier. The Spectrum UVX addresses air quality in small but specific areas in your home. Maybe you have an office, laundry room, or bathroom that is particularly musty, the Spectrum is perfect for this. The Spectrum clean an area up to 500 sq ft.

No moving parts make this a one of a kind air purifier.

Ready for the last part of the system? If you need extra air circulation in your home and are in need of a ceiling fan, why not try a Fanfaire. There isn't another fan like it anywhere in the world.

Fanfaire uses uv light and ion introduction to clean every square inch of the room that it's in. The attractive fan has 5 paddles and an attractive lighting kit.

There you have it, the complete air purification system for your home from EcoQuest International. There isn't any need to have to put up with dirty air any longer.

See your EcoQuest Dealer for more details.


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