Tuesday, August 29, 2006


EcoQuest And Stinkiy Smells

Do you have oh so stinky smells you just can't rid your musty dwelling of?

If you do, then your EcoQuest dealer can come to the rescue with a Fresh Air Machine, provided of course, you can pay for it.

Oh yea, if you have a potty problem cat or dog, if junior has tennis shoes that should be condemned, if gramps like those 5 cent stogies, if someone likes to eat lots of beans (you'll get that one eventually) or even if you haven't given Rover a bath in about 5 years a Fresh Air air purifier can take care of even the worst smells.

EcoQuest Fresh Air treats odors like tenants that haven't paid rent in 6 months, out they go!

So get your cash together by shaking out the couch, holding back your kids' allowance for a few months or having a bake sale and call your EcoQuest dealer like yesterday.

If you don't have an EcoQuest dealer near you, call 800.989.2299 and tell them the wise guy blogger sent you.

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