Thursday, February 14, 2008


EcoQuest Dealers Success Story

If Sales Managers, Jean and Susan Hart have to give advice to Business Owners, it would be to listen to your mentors.

"There might be a better wheel out there, but I'm not patient enough to try to invent it," Jean says. Why bother, when you can "use the proven formula?"

The Bedford, Texas couple has been with EcoQuest since the end of January 2007, but it's the second time around for Jean, who was a distributor nearly a decade ago. Jean says he didn't make it the first time around because he was too shy. He was too insecure to strike up conversations with strangers, "but I'm a little older now. It's easier."

The first thing Jean did when he found EcoQuest this year was call Dave Tatsak, who was also a former distributor.

"I started talking about the LaundryPure, and he was interested. A half hour later, he called me back and signed up," Jean says.

Jean and Susan credit their success to their fellow EcoQuesters in Dallas.

"I don't have any big secrets," he says. "Success is not really a big secret here in this part of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We've got a great upline working for us, and a great downline. Everybody works as a team. We're kind of like a big family working together. Everybody helps everybody. We work well together for strangers who just came together. We've got some tremendously intelligent and business savvy people above us and, basically, we do what they say and replicate what they say for success. It's working for us."

The Harts go every Thursday night to the Dallas Convention Center for an EcoQuest meeting. Jo and John Clements, Master Managers, set up the weekly meetings, complete with EcoQuest products on display. Carol and Ron Marszalek sponsored the Harts.

"I call Carol 'Mom' because she's so helpful," says Jean. "She has been an absolute jewel and has helped Susan and me tremendously."

The Harts have dealt mostly with retail sales, but are ready to jump into more sponsoring.
"We talk to some warm, some cold contacts. We talk to everybody that we run into about the product or the Opportunity. Some people look at us like we're crazy, but some want to know more."

The Fresh Air and the LaundryPure are their biggest selling products. They make sure they have plenty of DVDs and brochures with their identification on them at all times. Nowadays, Jean isn't too shy to strike up conversations in the grocery store line or wherever he might be.

Although some might say the Harts have a part-time business, Jean calls it a "second full-time job." From the sound of it, though, he loves every minute of it. When not working on their home business, Jean works for Southwest Airlines, and Susan works for CTX Mortgage Company.

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