Sunday, November 18, 2007


EcoQuest Leadership Perspectives

As a business owner and former President of his local Chamber of Commerce, Cadle McEachin was a professional networker long before entering the network marketing industry. Perhaps that explains the quick and initial success he and his wife Alicia experienced when they joined EcoQuest in 1995. “We didn’t know anything about multi-level marketing,” Alicia shares. But once they experienced the effectiveness their newly purchased EcoQuest unit had in getting rid of bacteria in an ostrich incubator, they contacted the person that sold them the machine and told them they wanted to do the business.

Their initial plan was not so much a “plan” as it was just eagerly sharing this remarkable technology with all the people they knew.Because of their community involvement, their warm market was ample – for a while. Their first months took them by surprise. They quickly achieved Fast Start Distributor and were making well over $10K within the first three months. They achieved the rank of Sales Manager and Sr. Sales Manager the same day (May 1, 1995). Thus, marking the first evidence of their main strength, their growth and success has always been the result of teaching others how to be successful.

Known as the “Sweet Onion Capital of the World,” Vidalia, Georgia is a small town with just over 4,500 families living there. They were well known in the town so they were able to share the technology, hold meetings, and teach others to do the same.

However, realizing that this strategy was not going to sustain long-term growth for them and for their Business Owners, Cadle pioneered and continued honing direct mail work-from-home ads. “I targeted areas within 100 to 200 miles and that translated to an average of 5 meetings per day,” Cadle says. Once again, momentum and their business was growing.

Adaptability Skills
As with all industries, the McEachin's business was experiencing a change in market trends. Accustomed to adapting to changing trends, the McEachins made it a priority once again to seek new, more effective ways to provide growth opportunities for their Business Owners.

Cadle familiarized himself with an Internet-based system and truly kicked it into overdrive. The results have been outstanding, even surpassing their previous successes. “It’s important to move from coping with change to harnessing it to create even greater opportunities for your Dealers,” Cadle stresses. He has taken a strong system, worked on it, tweaked it and transformed it to a superb, well-oiled machine. As a result, many of their Business Owners, seasoned as well as new, are experiencing success like never before.

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