Saturday, July 07, 2007 EcoQuest International is the home website of EcoQuest International, as if you didn't already know that. You probably also know that EcoQuest manufactures and markets one of the top selling brands of air purifiers in the world. The names of these air purification units are the Fresh Air, Living Air Classic, Breeze AT, Flair, Fresh Air Spectrum and others.

Okay, so you know that. What you may not know is that you can always get EcoQuest Air purifiers on eBay for a lot less than you can from an EcoQuest dealer. And when I say a lot less, that's what I mean.

Check it out...

EcoQuest air purifiers such as the Fresh Air sells for $749 from a Dealer, but if you go over to eBay you can find them all the time for around $350 or even sometimes less. So, what is up with that?

EcoQuest makes a great air purifier, but they market it through an MLM business that sometimes encourages people to buy more product than they can really sell. So, when these over ambitious dealers figure out how hard it is to sell a garage full of air purifiers at a high price tag of $749, they quit the business and sell them on eBay.

Make sense?

Sure it does, and you benefit.

So don't pay full retail for an EcoQuest purifier, head over to eBay and get one for half price.

There is only one problem with buying one on ebay and that is they will not be covered by manufacturers warranty. Ecoquest constantly monitors ebay and are well aware of this practice and do not condone it ecause they are trying to protect the profit margins for the dealers. Ecoquest requires no dealer to buy more than they can handle they simply get a better price for buying quantities of 3 or 5. If a dealer can not sell 3-5 they simply are not working at selling the units very hard,the units sell themselves. If you want a bargain just simply pay the $25 dealer enrollment and buy at wholesale. They do not force you to buy any number of units. They are an excellent product,the best available bar none as a matter of fact. So just pay the dealer fee and buy at wholesale.Who knows when your friends walk into your house and smell how fresh it is you could easily make a sale and go from there. You certainly have nothing to lose if you want the best purifier on the market! That is what is up with that!
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