Thursday, July 27, 2006


LaundryPure Is Available Now From EcoQuest

EcoQuest International is widely know for their air purification systems such as the Fresh Air by EcoQuest and the Living Air Classic, but they will soon be known for more than air purifiers.

Laundry Pure is available now and it is a solution to using detergents, hot water, bleach, and fabric softners on your clothes.

Here are some of the benefits of LaundryPure:

• Eliminates harmful detergents
• Increases fabric life
• Eliminates allergies caused by detergents & chemicals
• Reduces bacteria
• Increases fabric volume
• Eliminates phosphate pollution
• Saves on hot water
• The elimination of trapped detergents makes fabric colors more vibrant
• Adds silver ions to fabrics for ongoing bacteria and odor protection

Look for LaundryPure now from EcoQuest International. Call your EcoQuest Dealer pronto.

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