Monday, July 24, 2006


EcoQuest Business Update

This is an exciting time for EcoQuest International it's dealers and customers as well!

Over the past year, EcoQuest has made some significant changes in their company structure with the objective of providing world class service AND world class products for their world class business opportunity and products like the Fresh Air.

They have put processes in place to insure that all products that leave their facilities have been tested and evaluated to reduce field failures. In addition, new processes have been put in place to insure that no new product is introduced into the marketplace without a thorough evaluation of the market and a complete testing of the design and product performance.

EcoQuest is also stepping up their marketing efforts to better understand the profile of a successful business owner, so we can provide information that will assist you in your recruiting and training efforts.

And they are establishing a foundation in market research that helps to better understand the potential market for EcoQuest products, as well as the profile of the consumer who would be interested in both our technology and consumable products. This research will assist dealers in their retail efforts by developing some targeted market information.

There are many other initiatives in process throughout all areas of the company, including operations, engineering, manufacturing, and information technology, all directed at improving the level of service and quality of products that they provide to you the customer.

EcoQuest is the world leader in air purification technology.

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