Wednesday, September 16, 2009


EcoQuest International Opportunity Meetings

It's a great time to hold an EcoQuest International Opportunity meeting and grow your organization. With EcoQuest's 2x2 Bonus Program, you can earn a $250 bonus, over and over again for doing just that.

Here's how:

Be active in September with a minimum of 100 PV to be eligible for the bonus. Then, sponsor 2 new Dealers, each with 100 PV in September. Your two new Dealers must then sponsor 2 new Dealers who earn 100 PV by the end of October 09. Each time you do this, you win a $250 bonus! Get it? Each 2x2 earns you $250, and the sky is the limit!

Now get out there and get in front of your cutomers and sell them EcoQuest air purifiers like the Fresh Air or the Living Air Classic.

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