Monday, March 16, 2009


EcoQuest Air Purifier Dealers Find Success

We might have to call it "Meeting Mania." Since Mike Jackson challenged you to conduct in-person meetings, we have received plenty of reports by phone and email. You are conducting meetings all across the country, and our February sales and sponsorships prove it.

In just two weeks, Key Managers Jerry and Trudi Begler participated in a three-day trade show and held two open meetings about the EcoQuest Opportunity.

"We have been extremely fortunate to witness a higher than normal recent re-activation of Dealers now wishing to re-establish their home-based EcoQuest businesses," says Jerry. "We are being told that overall economic circumstances are driving them to closely re-evaluate what we have to offer."

In those meetings, five people expressed a desire to "properly" work their businesses, says Jerry. "I have made a commitment to each one of them to closely monitor their daily and weekly progress and have assured them of constant training communications. With all the tools and varied products EcoQuest now has available for us, success is more attainable than ever before."

Jerry and Trudy are from Broomfield, Colorado, and have stood the test of time. They started their EcoQuest business 17 years ago. They know that more government programs are not the answer to our present economic dilemma. "We must take full and complete control of our own destiny," says Jerry. EcoQuest International is their means of doing that.

The Beglers advise everyone in their team to "re-evaluate your activity status with EcoQuest and formulate a solid long-term business plan to achieve the level of success you desire for you and your family. The choice is ours alone. Just do it!"

Natural Air Direct provide more success as the distributors have access to a higher profit margin. Not to mention EcoQuest air purifiers are just a knock off of the Natural Air Regenerator.
I've been saying to my network that an explosion in network marketing is completely called for and will not surprise me at all. Now is the time for people to start taking their prosperity into their own hands.

You must be an idiot!

Natural Air was started by the production manager that EcoQuest International fired because he didn't know what he was doing and he was manufacturing crap.

EcoQuest has been in business for 20 years and Natural Air has been in business for 3 years so who's doing the knock-offs?
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