Tuesday, December 02, 2008


EcoQuest International 12 Places With The Most Germs

Germs are in the news these days. A recent Today Show segment on the germiest places you'll visit on an average day revealed the following germ-packed areas:

Your kitchen sink - That's supposed to be a clean place.

Airplane bathrooms - Yep, thousands of travellers use em. Sounds kind of gross.

A load of wet laundry - Who'd a thunk?

Public drinking fountains - Don't put your lips on it.

Shopping cart handles - Think of that next time your little tyke is chewing on one.

ATM buttons - How many times do those buttons get pushed?

Your handbag - Well, I'm sure some are nastier than others.

Playgrounds - Kids a germs seem to go together.

Mats and machines at health clubs - Laying on other people's sweat, sweet!

Your bathtub - Wash the slime off of you into your tub, that's what happens.

Your office phone - How much time do you spend yacking on that every day?

The hotel-room remote control - That's what they used to say, "Don't touch that dial!"

See the full news story from MSNBC here.

EcoQuest International has the solution to the pollution! Germs on hands? Try our AntiBacterial Hand Wash (US69521). E. coli on wet laundry? That's why the LaundryPure (US40301B) was made. Toxic drinking fountains? BYOB from your LivingWater II faucet filter (US40212B). Away from home and worried about germs? Fresh Air to Go (US40175B) and the Buddy (US40651). And don't forget ActivePure Technologyâ„¢--Focus, ecobox. Fresh Air, Gemini, and more--proven to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria on surfaces.

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