Tuesday, December 30, 2008


EcoQuest Healthy Resolutions

Whether it's quitting smoking, getting out of debt, or becoming more environmentally friendly, EcoQuest's products and opportunity can help get people on the right track toward a happier and healthier 2009.

The new downloadable, full color 2009 Healthy Resolutions catalog and flyer will help you get your business going strong in the New Year by helping people meet their resolutions with healthy living technologies. Know a smoker who has resolved to kick the habit? ActivePureâ„¢ can help remove temptation by cleaning up smoke odor from the house, car, and clothes.

What about cleaning up the environment? Fresh water at your tap with Living Water means cutting back on all those plastic water bottles. Energy savers like PowerwoRx and LaundryPure are good for the earth AND your wallet. And who wouldn't like to get out of debt this year? Turn people on to EcoQuest's amazing home business opportunity by introducing them to the products.

Everyone is a perfect candidate for healthy living technologies - especially during the New Year when better health and positive change are at the forefront of everyone's minds. This great catalog and flyer can help you and your customers start the New Year off right.

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