Saturday, August 09, 2008


EcoQuest Opportunity

EcoQuest International stands for opportunity and for excellence. They don’t claim to be perfect, but their mission is to serve America and the world by designing, building and selling excellent “Healthy Living Technology” products and by offering the best home-based business opportunity and air purification systems in the world.

The company was launched in 1986 with a mission of providing homeowners and business managers with effective indoor air purification technologies. Many diseases and general health problems are impacted by indoor pollution. The EPA says indoor pollution is often many times as bad as outdoor pollution.

EcoQuest addresses this problem, and by helping people breathe cleaner, safer and healthier air we help make their lives and careers better.

Polluted drinking, cooking and bathing water is another significant problem and it’s getting worse year by year. Many households already buy bottled water, but even bottled water is not always reliable. We address this problem with home purification technologies that make safer and better-tasting water at a much lower price per gallon.

And with with the new EcoQuest Gemini air purifier on the market, the EcoQuest opportunity is even better.

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