Thursday, April 03, 2008


EcoQuest PowerwoRx-e3 Whole-House Energy System

With gas prices at nearly $4 per gallon and home heating and cooling nearly doubling for many families, energy is squarely on the minds of all Americans. This is big news for EcoQuest business builders with the introduction of PowerwoRx-e3!

e3 stands for... Energy Savings Equipment Protection Electrical Noise Reduction
PowerwoRx-e3 is a great product that not only reduces your energy usage, but also protects your home against power surges and spikes, and filters noise from your electrical system, increasing the efficiency and life of your electronics and appliances.

This amazing product typically pays for itself in just a few years, and life expectancy for PowerwoRx is over 20 years! It's exclusive to EcoQuest Dealers and can mean big savings for your home and big profits for your home business!

We are currently developing a powerful marketing launch that will include marketing materials and the availability of a demo kit. In the meantime, log onto your business portal at

It does not work . I called the electric co. whom I work closely with and they say it doesn't work. So I tested it with several inductive motor loads running and it doesn't work. By the way I am an electrician. These panels were drawing between 35 and 70 amps of balanced loads. No drop in current was registered when unit was turned on.
As an electrician I wonder if you know where to take the proper reading as others have said the same thin and when told exactly where to take the reading found that there was a difference. You will not see a drop in current if you are trying to measure how much the device is drawing at the device you should find out where to properly test for the drop in current!!!!
Why is it that whenever someone say it does not work and it is no good, they do not post their name?

I bought a powerworx and I can say that I save between $50 to $75 per month depending on how much electricity I use. I also like the way it solved my harmonic problems. I am a ham radio operator and my electric power was causing all kinds of problems with my radio and my computers. It solved my problems.
I also like the $25,000 electronic equipment insurance policy that comes with it. A few years ago, I lost all my ham equipment, my TV set and my washer and dryer from a lightning strike. The powerworx would stop the strike from going into my equipment.

Does it work? Heck yes it does. And those who say it does not are smoking dope.
Power companies usually charge residential customers only for KWh, not for poor power factor or for reactive (non-work) power. This can easily be checked by calling your power company and asking them.
Since this device claims to work by improving the power factor, it is hard to see how it can have any significant effect on a domestic power bill.
These 'capacitors-in-a-box' are promoted and sold using a deliberate misrepresentation of electrical power-factor theory, and should be avoided for the scams that they are.
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