Monday, September 10, 2007


EcoQuest ActivTek Commercial Website Now Live

EcoQuest International is pleased to announce that the new website for their commercial air purifier business is up and running! Check it out at The site has been designed so that you can send your customers there to get more information about EcoQuest International and their products. Although some of the features of the site are not currently active, EcoQuest decided to activate it now so their activTek commercial Distributors have a powerful tool to introduce EcoQuest products like the Fresh Air by EcoQuest to potential customers.

The plan is to have a site that presents a commercial business operation to a customer, with all of the tools needed to run a commercial business behind a password protected area.
Currently, the Distributor log-in and password is not active, as well as some of the links at the bottom of the home page. EcoQuest commercial division is still developing the backroom tools including pricing, compensation plans, information about training, and announcements about current events and activities at activTek.

In the meantime, check them out as the activTek website develops into a strong business tool for EcoQuest's activTek commercial Distributors and their customers.

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if the point of creating the ActivTek brand was to allow an actual retail operation to work without all the MLM-side effects associated with retailing EcoQuest products, why is this posting live, effectively linking the two companies together??? This makes no sense and effectively defeats the purpose of the new activtek brand.
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