Friday, August 31, 2007


EcoQuest Mike Jackson ActivePure Fresh Air Purifier Letter

Technology that duplicates nature is proven to work in the air and on surfaces in independent University published testing.

I woke up Thursday morning and went to the Petri Dish I started in my home 48 hours ago. I have had Fresh Air running in my home since our first prototype came out of engineering. I took the test in my kitchen.

I was amazed, blown away, stunned, and any other word you can think of to see not one single pod of mold, bacteria, fungi, or anything else growing in my Petri Dish! My house test came up visually 100% clean! I knew our products were good, but WOW! EcoQuest’s Fresh Air with ActivePure is truly amazing technology. Dr. Marsden explained how we get these results.

Here’s a summary:

The combination of ionization and the ActivePure (RCI) cell in Fresh Air removes floating particles from the air. University of Cincinnati tests clearly show that in controlled scientific published tests, Fresh Air reduced floating microbial matter by up to 250% over gravity or an environment without Fresh Air. Removing matter from air is good. If it is not in the air, it cannot get into your lungs. Then, KSU studies show that the ActivePure component of Fresh Air also inactivates mold, bacteria and even some viruses like Avian flu on surfaces.”

ActivePure sends little active scrubbers out of the Fresh Air. They act like little pacmen who safely destroy mold and germs on the surfaces in your environment. The Petri Dish test clearly shows my whole kitchen environment, both air and surfaces, is much safer with Fresh Air and ActivePure. If you want to conduct this test in your home, you can get the Petri Dish test from Mac services at The studies above are also available in the Proof Book from MAC. Here are pictures of a Petri Dish test that was done in a Century-old house with terrible mold problems. The first dish was what grew after 24 hours, with only an hour’s exposure to the air. The second dish shows the growth in the same environment after it was treated with Fresh Air technology for just 24 hours.

Notice the drastic difference just 24 hours with our technology made! A little more time with Fresh Air, and the tests come out clearer and clearer. This resulted in a Total Protection 100% Whole Home package sale of nearly $5,000! And the customer has become our biggest fan, telling all of their friends and family about what EcoQuest’s ActivePure technology can do.
Don’t miss out folks – doing a Total Protection Whole Home Assessment can result in more and larger sales and referrals.

Show your customer Living Proof and a Petri Dish tests if they want to see the technology in action - they'll be even more shocked than I was!

I’m taking Petri Dishes with me everywhere I go. This stuff is cool!

Mike Jackson

p.s. We've got some great convention videos posted at!

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