Monday, June 05, 2006


EcoQuest Fresh Air - A Fart Deodorizer Rap Song

We have a special guest blogger here at the EcoQuest International Blog today and he's going to sing us a little rap song. Well, actually he's going to write it for you out in air purifier cyberspace.

Introducing Mushizzle Al Sizzler or better known as M A Sizzler. Take it away M A.

Yo, Yo, Yo here a song you can sing bout yo Fresh Air, aight.

There once was a man
and boy could he fart
he took a little pastime
and made it his own art

His first name was Jack
he was never out of order
except for his farts
they were quite ripsnorters

He traveled far and wide
just to make a point
that he could win any contest
by stinkin up the joint

Amongst those that flatulate
he couldn't be any hipper
then he gained a nickname
he was known as "Jack The Ripper"

But then he met his match
and he vanished from the scene
his stinky farts were ended
by a Fresh Air Machine

So the moral of this story
that you have learned today
is EcoQuest purifiers
will take your smells away!

M A Sizzler

If you thought Mr Sizzler was funny, click on the link below to email this to someone you know or just link to this post.

Of course this blog is not associated with EcoQuest International in any way, shape or form.

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