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Is EcoQuest Changing?

Is EcoQuest changing?

Is the traditional and most popular air purification company in the world changing the way it does business and moving into a different line of products?

EcoQuest International out of Greeneville Tennessee has been the manufacturer of air purification systems for more than twenty years now. And they have sold more than six million of these systems like the Living Air and the Fresh Air all over the world.

When I was a distributor of their air purification systems the big talk was about WindTree, a wind powered electricity generating system that could be mounted on houses. Unfortunately WindTree never made it to the light of day. The systems was plagued by design problems and never lived up to its billing as a generator that would work as promised.

The reason I'm telling you this is because EcoQuest has always looked for other healthy living technologies to bring to market besides their line of air purification systems. And they have looked to build a holy grail of a product that nearly everyone would want.

Air purifiers are a great product, for those that need them. But not everyone does. I mean let's face it, despite EcoQuest's marketing efforts people who live in certain parts of the country, in the mountains away from the city and don't have allergies or pets really have little use for an air purifier.

But doesn't everyone need to have clean clothes?

I think this is EcoQuest's thinking with the introduction of LaundryPure this past May 1st.

I mean really, who wouldn't want to clean their clothes and not have to use detergent, fabric softeners and even hot water. And on top of all that LaundryPure cleans your clothes much better that any washer could even with the best detergent.

This is a product that nearly everyone that likes clean clothes would want and who in their right mind doesn't like clean clothes?

The only thing I see as a drawback to total acceptance of LaundryPure by the masses is its steep price. I have heard of suggested retail prices in the range of $749 - $799 which is fairly expensive if you consider most washers aren't even that expensive. But if it works and saves you money in the long run, LaundryPure will eventually save you money.

Will EcoQuest International be knows for something other than the top selling air purifiers in the near future? Only time will tell.

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What do you think the impact of this will be?

Isn't it Ionic? Air Purifiers Make Smog - Yahoo! News

Thanks for the input Kellie. The entire article is very misleading, especially the headline.

The headline makes one think that ozone is smog, that's like saying salt is sea water. Salt is only a component of sea water just as ozone is a component of smog...oxygen is a compnent of smog as well.

Look for a rebuttal in my next post.
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