Tuesday, May 23, 2006


How Does EcoQuest Insure The Quality Of Your Fresh Air Purifier?

EcoQuest makes sure that every air purifier they manufacture is tested for quality and workmanship.

They have been making top of the line air purification systems like the Fresh Air and Living AIr for more than 20 years now and want that tradition to continue, so how does EcoQuest do that?

Every air purifier they make is powered up multiple times in the manufacturing process. Several Business Owners have assumed that with multiple units arriving "dead", that EcoQuest Manufacturing surely must not be powering up the product prior to shipping. (Unfortunately this can happen in the shipping process and has nothing to do with the manufacturing process.)

For those who have toured the manufacturing facility in Greeneville Tennessee you know that is not true. In fact the Fresh Air 2 air purifier is powered up three times during the manufacturing and QC process. In addition, lot sampling is performed which periodically pulls completed and boxed units from the warehouse to put them through a battery of quality checks.

Every Fresh Air purifier failure is evaluated by senior technicians and the root cause of the failure is identified. Component failures are returned to the component supplier for analysis. EcoQuest's QA team keeps track of all failure and monitors efforts until corrective action is implemented.

EcoQuest QC engineers and Manufacturing Engineering Process Engineers monitor acceptance rate on the manufacturing line to identify process or component issues very early on so potential failures are stopped before being shipped to EcoQuest Dealers.

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