Saturday, May 27, 2006


EcoQuest Has More Than Air Purifiers

If you didn't know it, EcoQuest is about more, much more than air purifiers.

Yes, they make the top air purification systems in the world today, but that isn't all they do.
EcoQuest also has a line of nutritional supplements and skin care items that are second to none. The Infinity 2 line of nutritional supplements are some of the best vitamins and supplements you will find on the market today.

One of their number one nutritional items I take is called Essentials for Life.

Essentials provides all of the daily nutritional requirements necessary to ensure consistent health and vitality and they are found in one super-powered, easy-to-use supplement system.

Another supplement I like is called Digest-A-Meal. I used to have digestive problems and had them for years. Every time I ate a meal I had an upset stomach and this went on for more than 3 years. Within 3 days of taking this supplement my digestive problems went away.

The secret to the wonderful supplements from Infinity 2 is that all of the supplement you are taking is absorbed into your body, there isn't any waste. This is done through their unique and patented Chelate Activated Enzyme Delivery System or CAEDS. No other vitamins and supplements in the world have CAEDS.

Believe me when I say their isn't any waste, I mean really, with all other supplements they turn your urine yellow, not so with the Infinity II line from EcoQuest.

So, you see there, EcoQuest International is much more than just air purifiers.

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