Saturday, May 27, 2006


EcoQuest Has An Air Purifier For Your Refrigerator

EcoQuest Refresh - Air Purifier For Your Refrigerator

Now that sounds a little weird, doesn't it? An air purifier for your fridge.

Why would you need one?

That's a good question. Because food spoils and produces bacteria in the process this is naturally going to make your refrigerator have odors and depending on how long you might let some of your "experiments" stay in the fridge, you could have some real bad odors.

With the Refresh by EcoQuest in your fridge, you will reduce those odors and as an added bonus, your food will actually last longer.

The Refresh is totally maintenance free and last up to 20,000 hours.

Refresh continuously helps protect your food by reducing odors, bacteria, and mold. With Refresh by EcoQuest, keeping odors from taking over the fridge and having it smell stanky, will never be a monthly chore again.

And the same kind of technology that's in the larger air purifiers by EcoQuest like the Fresh Air and the Living Air Classic is also in the Refresh.

So, check it out, get yourself a Refresh by EcoQuest.

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