Friday, May 26, 2006


EcoQuest Fresh Air Everest

EcoQuest Fresh Air Everest? What is that, you say?

The Fresh Air Everest is just like the regular Fresh Air with one exception...

It doesn't, and can't, produce ozone. Originally manufactured because of the ridiculous and mindless laws that come from our neighbors to the north, that would be Canada, Fresh Air Everest was made to please these sissies, but now it's available to everyone that would rather not have any ozone output from their air purifier.

The regular Fresh Air doesn't produce ozone either, unless you specifically turn it on and of course even when you turn it on the Fresh Air by EcoQuest only produces enough ozone to clean your air and leave it clean and fresh smelling, an ozone level well within safe limits.

The Fresh Air Everest works wonders by taking the indoor air purification process into your environment, this air purifier provides a solution that goes far beyond simple filtration or UV light. Treating problems like smoke and odors at the source means you get more coverage, greater effectiveness, and a better value for your dollar.

And the Everest is also available for a 3 to 5 day trial just like most other EcoQuest air purifiers.

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being Canadian I take offense to being called a sissie. Although I agree with the use of correct amount of ozone in air purification, the department of the government that handles public health safety has seen the reports from several sources that, to them, shows enough of a doubt regarding the safety of ozone devices for home use. Is this being sissie or looking out for the best interests of its people. even in the states there are many agencies who state the hazards of ozone use and there are also stupid people who will turn the purification feature too high for their environment and have issues. I think when you are trying to show the virtues of a product you should avoid slanderous remarks because you tarnish your reputation and put a bad spin on the company you may be a distributor for.
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