Sunday, May 28, 2006


EcoQuest Fresh Air DuctwoRx

EcoQuest Fresh Air DuctwoRx

EcoQuest now has an air purification system that you can install in your HVAC system right after the air handler.

The Fresh Air DuctwoRx uses your air conditioning fan to deliver safe oxidizers and super-oxide ions throughout your entire home, amplifying the effectiveness of your existing EcoQuest air purification units like the Fresh Air and Living Air Classic and improving the quality of air passing through your air conditioning system.

Your Fresh Air DuctwoRx features:

Certified Space Technology Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI) which incorporates the same process NASA uses to scrub the air inside their spacecraft.

A germicidal broad spectrum high-intensity ultra-violet lamp.

A specially designed and engineered matrix with a patent-pending unique multi-metallic coating.

An exclusive design engineered to work in conjunction with Fresh Air by EcoQuest and BreezeAT.

Get clean fresh air in your home today. Waht are you waiting for. Call your EcoQuest dealer and do it now!

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