Friday, May 05, 2006


EcoQuest Contact And Technical Support Numbers

EcoQuest has sold nearly six million air purification systems world wide in the 20 years they have been in existence.

You may own one of the air purifiers they make such as a Living Air or a Fresh Air purifier and you may have purchased it several years ago and have since lost contact with your dealer.

Not to worry, because they have a customer service and technical support division that can take your order for parts or a new air purifier, help you with any problems or let you know what to do if your air purification system is in need of repair.

If your purifier is under 3 years old (on most units, some units have a 1 year warranty) it is still under warranty and will be repaired for free. If your air purifier is not under warranty, you will be charged a nominal fee for repairs.

Normally you should contact your dealer to facilitate any repairs or problems, but in the case that you can locate your dealer, have lost their phone number,or they have moved away or are no longer with the company you can call Customer Service or Technical Support.

Customer Service handles all repairs, returns and orders and Technical Support handles any problems you may have setting up your machine or just helping you through something you may not understand about your purifier.

Here are the numbers:

Customer Service: 800.989.2299
You can also email customer service at:

Technical Support: 423.798.6700

Please only contact them if you can't locate or don't have a local dealer.

Their friendly staff will help you through any issues and get your machine back in working order.

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EcoQuest air purifiers were okay for their time, but I think the ionic air purifiers are the way to go now, namely if you have allergies or asthma.
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