Wednesday, May 10, 2006


EcoQuest Air Purifiers Do Not Produce Smog

EcoQuest Air Purifiers Do Not Produce Smog, in fact I hate to inform Mr Robert Roy Britt of Live Science, or should it be Live pseudo-Science, but no air purifier in the world produces smog!

One thing we can always count on from the media is to be mislead and with a headline like "Isn't it Ionic? Air purifiers make smog" Mr Britt is spewing nothing but pure propaganda.

One glaring thing that Britt fails to point out in his article is that ozone is not smog anymore than salt is sea water. Ozone is a component of smog, it is not smog.

Smog was originally made up of smoke and sulphur dioxide and since the 1950's smog is a mixture of air pollutants including:

nitrogen oxides, such as nitrogen dioxide
tropospheric ozone
volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
peroxyacyl nitrates (PAN)

Smog also consists of a very important necessity of life, that would be called oxygen.

Ionization and ozone do an incredible job of reducing smoke in the air and that is the reason there is more ozone in smog, it is natural job to reduce the amount of smoke and VOC's in the air. Where there is more air pollution, there will always be more ozone because that's how air is cleaned naturally.

Are you saying ionic and ozone producing air purifiers are like car exhausts. How ignorant is that?

Then we have a quote from the genius Barbara Riordan, acting chairperson of the California Air Resources Board, "These machines are insidious," says Riordan, "Marketed as a strong defense against indoor air pollution, they emit ozone, the same chemical that the ARB and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have been trying to eliminate from our air for decades. More chilling is that some people susceptible to the ill effects of ozone will eagerly bring these Trojan horses home."

First I would just like to say, thank God Ms. Riordan is just acting and not for real! Wait a minute, I didn't know that the EPA was trying to eliminate ozone from our air, I thought it was trying to reduce it to a safe level.

If we eliminated ozone from the air Ms. Riordan, we would have a hole in the ozone layer almost as big as the one in your head. We need ozone in our air to protect us from UV light and to naturally clean the air.

There have been numerous studies from Kansas State and other prestigious Universities touting the benefits of ozone for public health. Ozone has been used for years in a safe and effective manner for all sorts of purification applications.

I think one would be safe to trust the work of a well know University over a bloated government bureaucracy that employs boneheads like Barbara Riordan.

Well, I'm off my soapbox and want to let you know that EcoQuest produces some of the top air purifiers in the world like the Fresh Air. And the units that emit ozone do so at safe and effective levels.

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